Oil companies to post big-time price hike anew

The oil companies will carry out another massive price increase tomorrow (Tuesday, June 16).
Oil companies are expected to increase their prices through the pump by P1.25 for gasoline, P1.10 for diesel and P0.75 for kerosene.
Shell Philippines and Cleanfuel were announced first. Other oil companies are expected to follow the move.
In his opinion, Shell said additional costs for EO 113 will be implemented per station as of June 17, as recognized by DOE.
Just last week, oil companies increased petrol prices by 1.75 pence per liter, diesel prices by 1.10 pence per liter and kerosene prices by P1 per liter.
This adjustment is the second since the National Capital Region (NCR) transitioned to the General Community Quarantine (GCQ).
On June 1, oil companies raised diesel prices by 25 pesetas per liter and kerosene prices by 80 pesetas per liter, but reduced gasoline prices by 20 pesetas per liter. During this period, the price movement includes only the cost of imported products, while not taking into account the 10 percent additional duty.
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