Oil players make price adjustments to pump products

The oil companies will adjust their prices for products on the pump tomorrow (Tuesday, October 13th).
Based on their respective recommendations, independent players Cleanfuel and Pilipinas Shell announced that they would raise the price of diesel by pesetas 0.45 per liter while lowering the price of gasoline by pesetas 0.10 per liter.
On the other hand, Shell will also increase the kerosene price by P0.55 / liter.
Gas station
The implementation or price movements will take place tomorrow at 6 a.m. for Shell and at 4 p.m. for Cleanfuel.
Other companies are expected to make similar moves on their products.
Last week gasoline prices rose by pesetas 0.10 per liter and kerosene prices by pesetas 0.20 per liter.
Photo (s) by Ruben D. Manahan IV
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