Oil prices set to skyrocket as GCQ continues

The continuous price increase does not seem to be slowing down yet.
This is because the oil companies will raise the prices of their products through the pump by tomorrow (Tuesday, June 23).
In their respective recommendations, Cleanfuel and Pilipinas announced that they would set a price increase for petrol of 1.05 pence per liter and 0.85 pence per liter of diesel.
Pilipinas Shell
For kerosene, Shell is increased by P0.30 per liter.
Other oil companies are expected to make similar adjustments.
On June 16, fuel prices for the pump increased by 1.25 for gasoline, 1.10 for diesel and 0.75 for kerosene.
On June 8, oil companies increased gasoline prices by 1.75 pence per liter, diesel prices by 1.10 pence per liter, and kerosene prices by 1 P1 per liter. On June 1, oil companies increased diesel prices by 25 pence per liter and kerosene by P.80 per liter, but lowered the price of petrol by P. 20 per liter.
Photos of Cleanfuel and Pilipinas Shell
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