Oklahoma Republicans Speak Out Against Trump Ahead Of Tulsa Rally

President Donald Trump is traveling to Oklahoma on Saturday for his first campaign rally in over three months. But not everyone welcomes the visit.
A new ad by Republican Voters Against Trump introduces local party members who have vowed to prevent the President from being re-elected. The organization of the Never Trump Republicans said the spot would air several times on Friday in Fox News in Oklahoma, including two in prime time and in six swing states:
"Trump is a threat to our country, he is a threat to our democracy," said a voter who was identified as Nancy. "He has to go."
Republican voters against Trump have collected testimonial videos of GOP voters from across the nation wishing to vote for former Vice President Joe Biden in November.
Sarah Longwell, the group's spokeswoman, said there are Republican voters who expect more from a leader.
"More and more of them are beginning to speak and say," Enough is enough, "she said in a statement." His influence on the party is beginning to slip.
The Lincoln Project, another Republican anti-Trump group, has also filed charges against the president, including one that questioned his health earlier this week.
Trump dismissed them all as "losers".
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