Oligarch Has Only Coughed Up Second-Hand Helicopter After Record Divorce Settlement

It was the costliest divorce battle ever seen on British shores when compared to the epic Hollywood film The War of the Roses, about a feuding couple starring Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas.
Now, however, it turns out that in 2016 it may have been easy for Tatiana Akhmedova to win a record £ 453 million ($ 590 million) against her husband, Russian oligarch Farkhad Akhmedov, in her London Supreme Court .
Collecting the money turns out to be an overall tougher affair that is not supported by her husband's peripatetic existence.
Akhmedov, 65, has simply refused to pay, which means that Akhmedova has so far taken possession of negligible assets, including "a used helicopter," according to The Times of London.
He faces arrest for contempt of court should he return to the UK, which is not too much of a problem when you have large fortunes, homes around the world and your own super yacht.
In fact, the yacht Luna, previously owned by her pal Roman Abramovich and valued at £ 350 million ($ 456 million), was the subject of her most recent legal battle, which took place last week in Dubai Sharia courts.
Such legal shenanigans have long provided the ultra-wealthy with the ability to initiate legal proceedings almost indefinitely, and The Times reports that Akhmedova has been unable to get their hands on the frozen money in the four years since the verdict was pronounced and frustrated by multiple lawsuits around the world.
The Times noted that the couple, estimated to have spent £ 50 million ($ 65 million) on legal expenses to date, in no fewer than six jurisdictions around the world, including the Marshall Islands (where the yacht is registered), has ongoing proceedings. , Liechtenstein (home of the family business that owns the yacht and a £ 100 million ($ 130 million) art collection including paintings by Andy Warhol, Mark Rothko and Yves Klein), Russia and the United States.
Next month, Tatiana, 48, will face her 27-year-old son Temur, who lives in a multi-million dollar apartment in London, at a new hearing in London.
In the United States, The Times reports, her lawyers have requested disclosure of her son's email records to see if they can provide any clues as to where her husband's fortune may have been sent.
In Russia, Farkhad Akhmedov is trying to convince the courts that everything is irrelevant as he says they got divorced in 2000. This claim was flatly dismissed by the UK courts when they issued their landmark decision calling for him to give her 41.5 percent share of his wealth.
In a statement to The Times, a representative from Akhmedov, 65, said: “He and his ex-wife were Russian citizens, married and divorced in Russia long before Tatiana came to the UK. After their marriage ended in 2000, he went on to offer a fabulous lifestyle for her and their two children. He doesn't think this was a case that should ever have come before an English court. "
Akhmedov was one of many Russian industrialists who made great fortunes after the collapse of the Soviet Union from a gas company he owned. In 2012, he sold his stake in the company for $ 1.375 billion.
Akhmedova claims that they were reconciled after a separation in 2000 and that she was a British citizen when she filed for divorce in the UK.
It is controversial that Akhmedova is backed by Burford Capital, a litigation finance firm, which will take on part of its payout, which is allegedly 30%, if it manages to get back the amount the Supreme Court has awarded its client.
It was previously reported that Akhmedov attempted to settle with his wife in March 2014 on the basis of a one-time payment of £ 40 million (US $ 52 million) plus an annual payment of £ 4 million (US $ 5.2 million). USD) for life.
She should also have kept one of her most prized antiques, Napoleon's old desk, valued at an estimated $ 39 million, but the offer was reportedly turned down.
Perhaps the determined soldier emperor wrote on this very desk in a letter to Josephine: "Victory is one of the most enduring." One can imagine that he would have approved of Akhmedova's refusal to compromise with her husband.
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