Olivia and Sophia Culpo Get Into a Heated Argument Over a 'Stolen' Devon Windsor Bikini

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Olivia Culpo and her sister Sophia fight again for fashion.
In an exclusive clip from Monday's episode of The Culpo Sisters, shared exclusively with PEOPLE, the sisters clash over a Devon Windsor bikini that Sophia, 26, allegedly "stole" from Olivia.
While in the car with her parents, Susan and Peter, the former Miss Universe films Sophia for an Instagram Story and asks her to show off her outfit, which has the bikini top tucked under a white button.
But what started as a fun social media post turned into a fashion duel.
"Are you really going to try to control this while I stole your bikini," Sophia asks pointedly.
"You stole my bikini," replies Olivia, who was scheduled to wear the item that day. "I texted Sophia this morning and said, 'Did you steal my Devon Windsor swimsuit with a white and gold chain?' She just doesn't answer me," she tells her parents.
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Olivia Culpo and Sophia Culpo attend the REVOLVE x The h.wood Group Presents REVOLVE FESTIVAL at Merv Griffin Estate on April 17, 2022 in La Quinta, California.
Presley Ann/Getty
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It seems the two asked the Victoria's Secret model for the same swimsuit.
Sophia defends herself by claiming her Devon Windsor pieces "disappeared" but were later found mixed up with Olivia's in her "gift room", hence the confusion.
"If I were really a slut, I would tell you not to wear my clothes," Olivia says after explaining that she opened the box addressed to her and put the bikini in the room, where it suddenly found itself has disappeared.
"You're a bitch!" Sophia answers.
In her confessional, the 30-year-old Miss USA graduate can't believe how the "joke" turned into a fight.
"I know that bathing suit isn't hers. I know I unpacked it. I know I put it on the bed she stole it from. I know he's mine," says Olivia.
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Closet hopping is a common occurrence between the culpos.
In a previous episode, Aurora routinely makes her way to Olivia's closet to borrow a cardigan, only to be presented with a padlocked wardrobe - a consequence of her fashion choices.
"I really thought we would share everything," Sophia admitted after spotting her sister's drastic measures to protect her clothes.
Mutual "stealing" of clothes runs in the family. The Culpo matriarch later admitted she took her sister's clothes from time to time, pinned her as "the youngest in the family" and sympathized with Sophia.
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The family drama continues over dinner as Sophia explains to her eldest sister Aurora how to deal with misunderstandings at work, like coming across as too "cold" on text messages. And Olivia offers advice for big sisters who aren't doing well.
"Somehow Olivia gets involved and turns this into a situation where I'm a problem. [It's] just realities of two different people trying to work together that just don't go well together. It's nobody's fault, nobody doesn't do their job properly," explains Sophia.
Watch The Culpo Sisters Mondays at 9 p.m. on TLC. ET/PT. Episodes can be streamed same day on Discovery+.
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