Olivia Munn Speaks Out After Arrest of Suspect who Violently Shoved Elderly Woman in NYC

Actress Olivia Munn was thrilled to hear that authorities had finally found the man who attacked her friend's mother in New York City after asking the public for help last week. Munn spoke to NBC News' Vicky Nguyen to recount what happened when her plea for help later led to the arrest of the 47-year-old man identified as Patrick Mateo, according to TODAY.
"It was a very emotional day," she said after finding out that the New York City Police Department had arrested Mateo. "To wake up that morning and see that people had come up to us overnight and said, 'Hey, we're going to help you find this guy,' and they actually found him ... I felt our People were seen. "Munn shared two photos of Mateo, taken by witnesses to the attack in Queens, New York, when the man hurled racial slurs at the 52-year-old female victim and forcibly knocked her to the ground on February 17.
The actress said she wrote to the NYPD on social media to inform them of the attack. On February 18, the authorities arrested Mateo and charged him with assault and harassment. "If you speak, people care," she said, adding that she was moved by "all the goodness in the world," referring to the responses she received at her post. Munn also praised the NYPD for buying the pancakes for women, explaining that they were on their way to the bakery to buy one before they were attacked. "They went and brought Sam's mom pancakes because she was queuing at the bakery to get pancakes and she couldn't get them," the actress said. "The NYPD didn't have to do that. There are so many people with that good heart. So if you can learn not to be afraid and not just bury your own pain, you will see that there are so many people in our world who want to help us. "
Talking about the matter will also help stop the increasing cases of anti-Asian attacks, Munn said. “If we speak up, it will keep other people from doing it more to our elders and more to people in our ward. It's not just enough for you to wear it on your chin. You have to speak loudly for it to help everyone else. "
Munn went to her Instagram on Feb.11 to ask for help stop the mounting violence against Asians amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
The NYPD released Mateo from custody the day after he was arrested. Authorities said his release was "under surveillance" and did not provide any further details. They also said the attack was not considered a hate crime, although the victim's daughter, Maggie Cheng, said he hurled racial slurs at the woman before attacking her.
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