Olympic 100m favorite Christian Coleman facing ban again after allegedly missing another drug test

For a second year in a row, the top American sprinter Christian Coleman is facing a ban that would cost him a place at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, where he is one of the favorites in the 100-meter run.
The 100m world champion of 2019 tweeted a long statement Tuesday that it was banned because he allegedly missed a drug test at the International Association of Athletics Federation's Athletics Integrity Unit.
A missed test would be his third in a year, which could trigger a two-year ban and keep him away from the 2020 Summer Olympics, which were postponed to 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Coleman faced almost exactly the same situation last summer after missing a test.
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In his statement, Coleman questioned the details of his allegedly missed drug test and lambasted the system, in which athletes must log their whereabouts to the authorities at all times.
Christian Coleman

You already know that this is wrong @aiu_athletics something has to change. "Integrity unit" smh
10:02 p.m. - June 16, 2020
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The missed test was reported to take place on December 9, 2019. The other two violations were a missed test on January 16, 2019, which he did not deny, and a failed registration deadline on April 26, 2019. Coleman found that this was never the case.He was actually tested positive for a banned substance .
Under the rules of the United States Anti-Doping Agency, athletes must inform the authorities of their whereabouts at all times, including their daily regular schedule and any changes or travel plans, and submit a specific 60-minute window each day for which they are available need testing every day of the year.
Coleman's problems occurred in this window.
Coleman: Testers didn't call, may have had the wrong address
As Coleman recalls, AIU testers arrived at his home on December 9th while doing Christmas shopping five minutes away and made no attempt to contact him when they got past the ringing. Coleman claims that he received a call every time he was tested and met the testers when he was called.
The next day Coleman received a message about his missed test.
In the release, from which Coleman published a screen cover, the testers specifically reported that they had not called according to the instructions from the AIU. Coleman said he actually returned to his apartment on time for his 7:15 am-8:15pm. Window, but did not meet the testers on the way in despite their allegation that they were staying for the full hour.
Coleman noticed that the testers wrote down the wrong address and wondered if they were in the right apartment at all. His parents have bought him a bell since then.
· 14h
Replying to @__coleman and 2 others
How does the test window work? I have heard that the athlete is responsible for letting the testers know where they will be for an hour or two every day. If that's true, did they show up in front of the window you gave, or weren't you there during that window?
Christian Coleman

This is true. You can come at any time, but we need to be available at least 1 hour a day. I was back to my window on time, so I should have met the tester if he had been there. He gave the wrong address ... so Idk and I didn't get a call as always, so I had no idea
00:37 - June 17, 2020
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When the testers made the unusual decision not to call him, supposedly leaving before the hour was up and possibly appearing at the wrong address, Coleman believed the events of December 9th were "a deliberate attempt to make me miss a test ".
He added that the system of constantly telling the organization where he was staying caused multiple panic attacks, claiming that some people who actually failed drug tests had less serious consequences than he did.
Christian Coleman is facing a doping ban again after missing no drug tests. (AP Photo / Martin Meissner)
USADA spelling errors caused Coleman's previous edition
Coleman already rated drug testing authorities very high because of his treatment when he was last faced with such a ban.
After confirming that he was facing a ban, the USADA closed her case against Coleman last September for technical reasons. At that time, it was a sign-in error that was said to have occurred on June 6, 2018 and was the first of three violations. However, the rules of the World Anti-Doping Agency stipulate that the date of a registration error is set as the first day of the quarter in which the error occurred. It is dated April 1, 2018, and its three violations have been separated more than a year.
Coleman asked for an apology from the USADA, alleging that the matter cost him at least $ 150,000 due to legal issues and missed two Diamond League meetings in August.
Coleman later won 100m gold at the 2019 World Athletics Championships in Doha, Qatar. The 23-year-old appears to be in the best position to be the first American to win the event at the Olympic Games since Justin Gatlin in 2004, but he now needs to overcome another obstacle to make it to Tokyo .
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