Olympic Gymnast Suni Lee Brings Her Gold Medal-Winning Skills to the Minnesota Twins Game

Suni Lee threw the first ceremonial first pitch at the Minnesota Twins game on Friday, adding her own personal flair to the mix.
Olympic gold medalist Suni Lee was honored at Friday's Minnesota Twins game, where she pulled off her own spin -- or should we say flip -- on the ceremonial first place.
The 19-year-old gymnast got on the mound for the Twins-Blue Jays game at Target Field in Minneapolis and she couldn't help but show off her Olympic skills with an effortless flip before throwing the field.
Lee - who was dressed for the performance in a tailored Twins jersey and cut-off jean shorts - threw up her arms and cheered after putting it up, while the crowd went 'ooh' and 'aah' after the impressive step.
Twin pitcher Caleb Thielbar and mascot C.T. Bear then met Lee on the field to pose together for a photo op.
The official MLB Twitter account tweeted a photo of Lee airborne on pitcher's mound in a post Saturday, writing, "We're still freaking out over @sunisalee_'s first pitch last night."
The Twins' Twitter account also hyped Lee for the stunt, writing, "Nice flip for a good first pitch from @sunisalee_!!!" in a tweet during Friday's game.
Lee - who hails from Minnesota - later thanked the baseball team, writing in her own tweet, "Such an honor to throw first place, thanks @Twins."
And speaking of the virtual sidelines, it was an honor to be a part too.
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