Omegle user screams trying to alert stranger about figure behind her: 'Stop, that's so scary'

A prankster on TikTok developed the modern version of irrational checking behind the shower curtain to make sure no one is around. This time, however, a video call will be activated to ensure that you are still alone.
Zack Ford and Braylan Kidder have teamed up to scare some unsuspecting people on Omegle, the online chat website that happens to bring users together in a one-on-one chat.
It all started when Ford went viral on TikTok for a terrible makeover that it was wearing to freak out Omegle users.
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Commenting on the video, one user said to Ford, "Have a friend go on Omegle, then come up in the background and see how people react to lmao."
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Decked out in fake teeth, black contact lenses, a messy wig, and heavily powdered makeup, Ford played with the challenge and let Kidder coincidentally match up with people on Omegle while he showed up in the background. To add an extra level of creepiness to the Omegle users, Kidder pretended she hadn't seen him in the background.
"What the hell is behind you?" The first girl asks Kidder. "Stop it, this is so scary."
"They are on your bed!" a second victim screams. "Don't go over!"
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One girl even screams loudly after Kidder pretends not to see the mysterious face in the background.
The video had over 9 million views and whether or not the Omegle users were scarred after participating in the experiment, TikTok absolutely loved it and people were demanding more videos.
"That was literally scary," wrote one user.
"Don't I pull my covers back ..." added another.
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