On the brink of weight-loss surgery, this mom found the key to losing 140 pounds

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Felicia, a mother and military woman, is sure to achieve her goal of losing 140 pounds with WW (formerly Weight Watchers). (Photo: WW)
Well, 2020 is finally over and not a moment too early. Cheers to the new year. We greet January with hope and excitement - and renewed motivation to get in shape and stay healthy. If you're like us, you've had plenty of home cooking and joking about receiving "COVID 19" for the past 10 months.
Now is the perfect time to get back to where you want to be: WW (formerly Weight Watchers) has a special offer just for Yahoo readers: two free months of Weight Watchers Digital with the new myWW +. It is a personalized, holistic weight loss program that you can access on your phone or laptop. It's the best way to lose weight - and keep it off.
Buy it at: WW Digital Membership, from $ 3.15 per week (2 months free), weightwatchers.com
The weight is personal. And that's exactly why the new myWW + is so special - it gets to know you and then offers tailor-made tips that fit your real life. Speaking of personal, we are inspired by individual success stories in losing weight. Here is the experience of a mother and military woman who, according to their own words, lost 140 pounds in the WW.
Gaining Weight Loss: Felicia's True Story
“My husband and I got married straight out of high school. At that point he joined the Marine Corps and was assigned to a base in California. We just packed up and moved from our home state of Indiana. Shortly afterwards, at the age of 19, I became pregnant and gave birth to our first son.
New home, new baby, new life - with so much changing in such a short time, my eating habits have not been the healthiest. I ate fast food four or five times a week and drank soda all day. I also used food to suppress the pain of sexual assault that I experienced four years ago. Even though I worked closely with a therapist, it was a struggle to change my eating habits. My weight continued to increase.
About a year after I had my son, I traveled back to Indiana to attend my sister's graduation. I was conscious of seeing friends and family after gaining so much weight. Sure enough, when I saw photos of myself from that day, I was ashamed and panicked a little. I tried compulsively counting calories. I tried hard-boiled egg and banana diets. I've tried diet pills. I know not the smartest choice.
When none of this worked, I decided that weight loss surgery was my best option. My health insurer told me that if I provided evidence of a "failed weight loss program" they would cover the procedure. However, my mother was a WW member and refused to believe that failure was a foregone conclusion. She suggested that I sign up and be open. If WW didn't work, she said, I could always have an operation. I signed up in May 2017 and thought it would take a week. "
Felicia, mother of two boys, is having fun with her older son in the kitchen. (Photo: WW)
“About six months after my trip, I was down 50 pounds * and decided to celebrate the milestone. I posted a funny photo of myself holding up a 50 pound bag of potatoes. I was really moved by the encouragement I received in response. Not only did I have the support of my real family, friends, and workshop group; I also had a whole online community cheering me on.
I stayed constant over the months that followed, reaching my goal of losing 140 pounds * in October 2018. By then, my healthy habits were completely ingrained. When I became pregnant with my second child in May 2019, I felt prepared. I've made sure that myself and my future baby are eating enough to support a healthy pregnancy. "
The new personalized WW app with myWW +
Like Felicia, we can all develop our habits to reach our goal weight with the right support. The WW app with the new myWW + is a holistic approach that starts with a free personal evaluation - a few questions with which you can adapt the program to your needs. It starts with learning about your daily life (Are you an empty niche? A multi-generational caregiver? Someone with a high pressure job and very little downtime?). The app also prompts you for questions about your general well-being at this moment (do you generally feel good, not so good, or pretty bad?).
This information helps the app to make personalized suggestions for small, feasible changes. The recommendations are not limited to diet alone. Exercise, sleep, and even emotions play a huge role in losing weight. myWW + offers support in every way and gets you going with small successes that gain momentum - like a very encouraging friend or the kind of personal coach that only celebrities can afford. That's why this special offer is so ideal for Yahoo readers. It's the perfect new year / new year you just deserve.
Buy it at: WW Digital Membership, from $ 3.15 per week (2 months free), weightwatchers.com
In-app tools from practice
MyWW + has new in-app tools that support every aspect of your wellness life. For groceries, there are simple tools you can use to prepare healthy meals based on the contents of your refrigerator. Shopping is easier than ever with the app's barcode scanner - a tool that allows you to check a product's SmartPoints® value in the supermarket. There are in-app workouts to keep you moving and in-app meditations to calm you down. A sleep tracker will help you learn if you are getting quality rest, which is important for overall health and weight loss as well.
WW's in-app tools, including a recipe builder and sleep tracker, are an easy way to improve your whole life. (Photo: WW)
Support and encouragement
It's not that these tools are overwhelming. It's not about tracking everything you do every minute of the day. On the contrary. The plan is to focus on different aspects of your wellness life as needed using the personalized recommendations. These tools are available to you, but they are not boss of you. Basically, the WW app takes the pressure, stress, and mystery out of the equation and makes it easy - and of course - to lose weight.
Back to Felicia, our inspiration: their journey continued after their second son was born. And while she dodges in time to exercise when she can - which not only helps her body but clears her mind as well - it's not always easy. But her perspective has changed: "Before I came to WW, I looked at others who had lost weight and assumed that they had simple or perfect lives. On this journey I found that it was possible to be upon yourself taking care of yourself even when facing challenges, self-doubts and difficulties. My life will never be perfect - who does it belong to? I am just proud to be where I am today. "
We want that for you too. Circumstances will always be complicated, life will always be demanding, there will always be a reason to put other priorities before your own wellbeing. But let's use this moment to make a promise to ourselves. Let's put health first this year. And get all the help we need to hold on to this solution. Toast that you look and feel better than ever when you start right. These. Second.
Buy it at: WW Digital Membership, from $ 3.15 per week (2 months free), weightwatchers.com
* People who follow the WW program can expect to lose 1-2 pounds a week. Felicia has lost weight on a previous WW program and myWW and is continuing myWW + ™.
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