One of the men involved in the plot to kidnap Michigan governor had 'rage issues,' report says

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer speaks to the media about the flooding along the Tittabawassee River after several dams were breached in downtown Midland
One of six men charged by the FBI with conspiracy to kidnap the Michigan government. Gretchen Whitmer had shown signs of "anger problems," while a Michigan Home Guard member reported BuzzFeed News.
The man, Adam Fox, also appeared intent on inciting violence against racial justice protesters earlier this year, said Rick Foreman, co-founder of the Michigan Home Guard.
The FBI said that Fox and the other suspects involved in the conspiracy "have agreed to unite others on their cause and take violent measures against several state governments that they believe violate the US Constitution."
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A man charged on suspicion of conspiracy to kidnap the Michigan government. Gretchen Whitmer had previously shown signs of "anger problems" and had arguments with racial justice protesters, BuzzFeed News reported.
Rick Foreman, the co-founder of the Michigan Home Guard, the "largest and most active militia" in the state, told BuzzFeed News that Adam Fox was banned from the group earlier this year.
"He has anger problems," Foreman said, adding that there were no problems with Fox until he became a full member of the group.
"And then all of a sudden he's anti-government, he wants to start a war, he wants to get people out," Foreman said.
The FBI identified Fox as one of the six men involved in a plot to kidnap Whitmer on Thursday. Fox had orchestrated several facets of the planned attack, including meeting accomplices and contacting members of a Michigan militia group to carry out the plan, an FBI affidavit said.
The suspects "agreed to unite others on their cause and use violent measures against multiple state governments that they believe violate the US Constitution," the FBI said.
During his tenure with the Michigan Home Guard, Fox threatened several people, Foreman said.
At one point in June when Fox was still part of the Michigan Home Guard, the group gathered in front of the state capital for an American Patriot Rally, BuzzFeed News reported. Counter-protesters demanding racial justice appeared, and Fox tried to block them and appeared to want the group involved in a physical altercation, Foreman told BuzzFeed News.
Foreman also said that other group members speculated that Fox was on steroids while serving with the Michigan Home Guard and said he was "angry".
Far-right and right-wing protesters were upset earlier this year when Whitmer imposed a nationwide lockdown in response to the spreading coronavirus. Many brought guns into the state capital's building, according to photos that flooded social media. Business Insider received nearly 1,200 emails from Michigan residents complaining about their executive order.
President Donald Trump openly accepted the groups, calling them "very good people" who "want their lives safe back".
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