Opinion: The Corvette Z06 Is The Best Sports Car You Can Buy For The Buck

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It may not be the fastest or most powerful car ever built, but is the Z06 Corvette the best overall sports car on the wallet?
The Corvette is an American icon. While most think of 2001 as the launch of the Z06, and in some ways they would be correct, the Z06 has been around 4 out of 7 generations of the Corvette, just not as we know it now.
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Originally available as a package, the first Z06 was suitable for the route!
Zora Arkus-Duntov, a racing enthusiast, gave the Z06 its legs and the Corvette in 1963 the first impression of racing with the Z06 package. As an addition to the already-coveted second-generation Corvette, the Z06 package got the Vette ready for the track with the addition of a thicker front stabilizer bar, larger diameter shock absorbers, and much stiffer springs, and it came with the 360 ​​hp 327 cubic inch small block engine.
This C5Z from RK Motors is one of the cleanest examples of the generation
A few decades later, the fifth generation of the Z06 was no longer a package, but a separate model. The C5Z debuted in 2001 as an all-hardtop model with thinner glass, lighter wheels, a titanium exhaust and a lighter battery. In 2001, the GM Gen III engine made 385 hp, but was increased to 405 hp by 2002. Weight loss and improved engines would enable the 2004 Z06 to drive just under eight minutes at the Nürburgring.
This handsome "Blue Devil" C6Z is currently for sale at Motorious
The sixth generation would usher in a Z06 that had a supercar-like power to weight ratio of 6.2: 1 - allowing the car to go to 60 mph in just 3.7 seconds. The 507-horsepower LS7 was a massive 7.0-liter powerhouse that could easily carry the lightweight frame, and was tested to be nearly a minute faster around the ring.
Image via Speed ​​Digital
While a C8Z is expected, the C7 Z06 is the standing model, and it came with an even better than engine than before. Thanks to a blower, the first forced Z06 was carried by an LT4 with 650 hp. Not only is it the first supercharged Z, but it's also the first time a Z06 model has a convertible as well as the standard coupe hardtop.
The C8Z is going wild!
Whatever happens next to the C8 Z06 will no doubt be legendary. The base model, the C8, proves to be an impressive opponent that holds its own well outside of its class. Thanks to the reconfigured design, the landing of power and torque on the wheels seems to stretch much further than ever before. If the rumors are true, like the previous generation, the C8Z will debut with a 650-horsepower engine, but it is expected to do so without the help of forced induction.
While there are certainly upline models (exclamation to the crazy ZR1), the Z06 positions itself in the supercar realm at a price that some have criticized as being "too low" for what it brings to the table. There have been some interesting patterns in how well the Z hold up, too - the C5 and C6 seem to knock the C7Z down with their ability to hold a worthy price tag. With the C8 already being referred to as a highly collectable car, the C8Z may be the best new sports car investment to look out for, but you'll have to wait until 2022 to grab one. Regardless, the Z06 was and is always one of the best sports cars on the market.
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