Oregon Man Accused of Shouting Racial Slurs at Black FedEx Delivery Driver and Chasing Him Down With Pellet Gun

Rodney Bryant
I want to say that 2020 has really white people frolicking around, but the actions of passionate racists in any given year are usually not that surprising.
In Aloha, Ore., A black FedEx worker said he was on the wrong side of a bigots rampage trying to make deliveries on Sunday and a very angry white man was arrested and charged, racial slurs used and persecuted to have to carry a pellet gun.
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KGW 8 reports that 68-year-old Rodney Bryant was charged in the first degree of bias crime, the illegal use of a gun and threat after an altercation in which he allegedly stood on the street throwing racist slurs at the delivery driver who tried his best watch his own business and go away.
From KGW:
The FedEx driver managed to drive away, but Bryant got in his car and drove next to the truck with the car door open, officials said. The FedEx driver could see that Bryant had a gun. Bryant went on to make the racial slurs, saying he was "not afraid to use it," referring to the gun.
The FedEx driver escaped and called 911. MPs arrested Bryant and retrieved a pellet gun that did not have an orange tip and "indistinguishable from a real weapon," MPs said.
The driver, Akiel Horn, 22, told KPTV on Sunday that he was "still in shock".
"I didn't know it was a BB gun," he said. "I think it's a real gun. The first thing that crossed my mind was," Oh, I'm going to die, "but then I said," No, I'm not "- he gave me enough space to get out, thank god, and I got out. "
Bryant's wife Joyce Harmon did not surprise anyone Black, telling reporters that she was "totally stunned" when her husband was arrested and that he was not racist.
"I knew they'd arrested him, which seemed crazy, and then when I saw the news I was just amazed," Harmon told KPTV. "He was concerned about the driver's speeding so he wanted to ask him to slow down and so he found him and did that, but the driver yelled at him and he yelled back."
She also swears to Anything-but-Black Jesus that Bryant is "a very loving person" and that he is certainly "not a bully, he's not mean, he's very kind".
And because there is literally no situation where whites don't turn around to pretend to be victims, added Harmon, “Now all I care about is social media posting and whatever we're going to be harassed now. "
Of course Horn heard nothing of this white nonsense.
"There shouldn't be a reason you call me the N-word and say you're not afraid to use your gun - there's no explanation for that," he said.
According to the Washington County Sheriff's Office, Bryant is being held in Washington County Jail on $ 10,000 bail.
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