Our best soup recipes to warm your chilly bones

Bowl of gazpacho on graphic background
A good soup is a bit like a hot tub. It's warm. Its relaxing. You can keep it all to yourself, but you can also enjoy it in the company of others. While some Takeout employees are known to enjoy soups all year round, a warm soup is undoubtedly an essential part of a cool winter's day. As we descend into the harshest winter months, we round off our cosiest soup recipes. From classic lentil and pleasure broccoli to slightly avant-garde gazpacho, we have something for everyone. Remember, a good soup like a hot tub probably shouldn't be sipped.
Everything except the kitchen sink lentil soup
Colorful graphic featuring bowl of lentil soup ingredients
If you're cold, lentil soup is a great way to warm up. Lentil soup is incredibly versatile too - you can flavor it in endless ways with any seasoning you have on hand. Just think of the lentils as a hearty soup base, then add whatever you crave. Our recipe contains a little of everything, but is very customizable if something else suits your needs. Get the recipe here.
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Italian wedding soup
Bowl of Italian wedding soup
This classic Italian wedding soup contains the Holy Trinity: homemade meatballs, homemade egg squares (the sign of a good wedding soup) and homemade broth. We also recommend going all-in on homemade broth. Of course, you can go to the store and buy chicken broth if you want, but the work is part of this soup's appeal. It's also a good excuse not to leave the house for almost two days. Get the recipe here.
Pumpkin (and) spice soup
Bowl of seasoned pumpkin soup with spring onions
This pumpkin and spice soup is light enough for a midweek dinner, but hearty enough to warm you up after an hour on cool public transit. It lacks the napping weight of a stew or the fibrous mass of lentil soup; The pumpkin effect is actually pretty light, cute, and earthy. You can customize the spices to your liking, add more kick of curry or red pepper, or even play with the garam masala additives. Get the recipe here.
Magical carrot soup
This carrot soup is cozy and elegant at the same time. The portions are small, just enough for two, but still satisfactory. The newest thing about this recipe is how the carrots are cooked by wrapping them in plastic wrap and steaming them in a microwave. It turns out to be much faster than boiling in water with the added benefit of not losing any nutrients in the cooking liquid. Get the recipe here.
Velveeta broccoli cheese soup
Bowl of broccoli cheese soup
You can really use any type of vegetable in this soup, but Velveeta Broccoli Cheese Soup is a classic combo. Go the easy route and thaw some frozen broccoli or fortify it a little and sauté the broccoli with some shallots. Or even fry it for a smokier addition. Whichever route you take to prepare vegetables, now that soup season is around the corner, this is an easy and delicious soup home run straight from the park. Mainly thanks to the Velveeta. Get the recipe here.
Chill chasing corn chowder
Bowl of chowder
You probably already have most of the ingredients for this chowder in your kitchen somewhere - potatoes, frozen corn - making it an easy dinner when you run out of things. You can swap vegetable broth for chicken broth for a vegetarian option, and you can even make it in the slow cooker in the summer if you don't want to turn the oven on. And when we enter the cold and flu season, remember that making corn soup is a great way to let a sick person know how much you care for them. Get the recipe here.
Hangover killer Pozole
Bowls with Pozol ingredients
Pozole is a stew that has two lives in Mexican culinary folklore. Like the angel on one shoulder, pozole can be an innocent winter warm-up to enjoy with the family as a holiday meal. Or, like the devil on the other shoulder, a well-known hangover cure that urges you to drink all your drinks. While you may not be drinking all of your drinks during the pandemic, this is still a great option for days when you are feeling a little under the weather. Get the recipe here.
Carne En Su Jugo
Bowl of Carne en su Jugo
Carne en su jugo essentially consists of steak, bacon and beans that are steamed in an intensely hearty broth. Radishes add crunch, diced onions add bite, chili de arbol add heat, lime juice adds acid, avocado adds richness. Soups like menudo or tortilla or pozole may draw all the attention, but carne en su jugo is really a soup that has it all. Whether for the crowd in church or for the people with too many cervezas, Carne en su Jugo is a soup that more people should know about and that both the pious and the compassionate should enjoy. Get the recipe here.
Pasta Fagioli
Bowl of pasta fagioli
This is not your mother's fagioli. This recipe uses small, soup-friendly ditalini and elbows that are pepped up with more intense flavors (read: exponentially more fresh garlic and a more generous handful of crushed red pepper), color (fresh spinach and / or arugula), and meat like pancetta or guanciale. Get the recipe here.
Baked potato and leek soup
Bowl of potato and leek soup
This soup captures the starchy goodness of a baked potato with a bit of cheeky freshness thanks to leeks and garlic. The texture makes it all: you can puree the mixture until it's almost smooth, or you can leave pieces of potato to improve the baked potato factor and create a nice contrast to the salty-crispy bacon chunks and smooth sour cream. Get the recipe here.
Forget everything you know about creamy mushroom soup, the often gloopy pale stuff that comes out of a can. This version is made much more complex with a broth consisting of boiling pork and chicken bones for two hours. It reduces until all of its flavors come together to give this misunderstood soup previously unknown depth. It's a revelation for dinner and well worth buying some pork bones. Get the recipe here.
Muhammara Gazpacho
Bowl of gazpacho on graphic background
Gazpacho is one of those dishes that provokes strong and occasionally irrational reactions. "Cold soup!" exclaim the pessimists: "If I wanted cold vegetable liquid, I would order a juice!" Oh, those poor souls who always see their glass of cold vegetable liquid as half empty. You're looking at things from the wrong perspective. What if gazpacho isn't a thick juice but a thin dip? It's a sippable jump for doers who don't have time to hunt for chips. It's also spicy enough to be appropriate on even the coolest of days. Get the recipe here.

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