Owner finds his dog hiding in unusual place during a scary thunderstorm

Sometimes when you are scared you can only hide.
Flash, a North Carolina Golden Retriever, documented his life on his Instagram, goldenlifeofflash. No matter what adventure Flash is on, it's too cute not to see.
In a video, the dog is not enthusiastic about a thunderstorm. When his owner comes home, he catches Flash in one of the strangest places: the clothes dryer.
"It's thundering outside," laughs the dog owner in the video. "I'm coming home and this man is in the dryer. What are you doing in there? "
Flash's entire body is in the dryer, only the nose of its nose protrudes from the door. At first, Flash looks like he thinks he's in trouble, but as soon as his owner's voice registers, the dog jumps out and wags its tail.
Dogs are usually afraid of thunder because they don't understand the source of the noise. And let's face it, it's a premonition, even if you know it's just mother nature. Similar to Flash, it's not uncommon for pets to hide under tables or bathtubs to feel safe.
One thing that owners can do to lower the tension is to create background noise like a television or radio to drown out the sound. Another option is to simply distract them with some playtime or a toy.
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