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During the Ozark part of the Netflix panel at Deadline's livestream event Contenders Television, star producer director Jason Bateman spoke about how the show suddenly gained popularity in its third season and paid tribute to the times we live in , very now.
"We are very proud of what we have done, but we would be lying if we said that we had no small virus help," he said during a discussion with co-stars Laura Linney and Julia Garner and showrunner Chris Mundy. “We had a free timing with the show when everyone had nothing to see except their walls and TV. Hopefully people liked what they watched, ”he added, noting that while the audience that was recorded was nice, it was the talented group behind and in front of the camera that really made the difference.
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Linney, who plays Wendy, ascribes the cast to a rhythm after three seasons, but she admits that she likes each season the same. "Familiarity has something. You can get started right away," she said. Garner, who won an Emmy as fiery Ruth in season 2, talked about creating the character directly from a mock scene she had made during her audition, and said she had a certain "hope" in her that she carried around like the show.
Mundy said the secret sauce was the craze for the two families in central Ozark. "You get to know a little more about them every year and every episode, so if you follow this simple formula despite all the craziness, something good is likely to happen," he said.
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