Packers have 2 different ways of clinching No. 1 seed in NFC in Week 16

The Green Bay Packers have two different ways to reach number 1 in NFC in week 16.
The Packers, now 11-3, play the Tennessee Titans at Lambeau Field in Sunday Night Football. In terms of clinching scenarios for Matt LaFleur's team, the other two games to watch out for are the Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints and the Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks.
Packers can secure seed # 1 this week with the following two results:
1. GB win and SEA lose or tie
2. GB Tie and NO Loss or Tie and SEA Loss or Tie (NO and SEA cannot both be ties)
Ties are always unlikely. The easiest and most plausible way here is for the Packers to win against the Titans and for the Seahawks to lose the Rams.
The packers need another loss to Seahawks to prevent a possible three-way tie scenario. Green Bay holds the head-to-head tiebreaker over New Orleans.
The packers cannot win the top seed if they lose to the titans. However, the Packers can win in week 17 by simply beating the Chicago Bears, even if they lose to the Titans on Sunday night.
The Packers can also win if they beat the Titans and get a San Francisco 49ers victory over the Seahawks in week 17.
Games to be seen in week 16
Friday, December 25th: Minnesota Vikings (6-8) at New Orleans Saints (10-4)
Sunday December 27th: Los Angeles Rams (9-5) in Seattle Seahawks (10-4)
Sunday 27 December: Tennessee Titans (10-4) at Green Bay Packers (11-3)
The packer's path to number 1 in NFC is simplified with two remaining games

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