Packers’ path to No. 1 seed in NFC simplifies with 2 games to go

Saturday's win over the Carolina Panthers and Sunday's NFC results - particularly the losses of the New Orleans Saints and Los Angeles Rams - really made the Green Bay Packers' path to number 1 at the conference easier.
The Packers (11-3) can now take first place in one of three fairly easy ways in the last two weeks of the 2020 season:
1. Win Chicago Bears in week 17
2nd win against Tennessee Titans in week 16 AND Los Angeles Rams against Seattle Seahawks in week 16
3rd win against Tennessee Titans in week 16 AND San ​​Francisco 49ers against Seattle Seahawks in week 17
There are ways for the packers to lose both games and still be number 1, but the scenarios involve many different outcomes and are a bit impractical to look at.
Of course the packers can win and guarantee the number 1 seed. All teams in the NFC except the Packers currently have at least four losses.
In scenarios where the Packers beat the Titans but lose to the Bears, Matt LaFleur's team needs at least one Seahawks loss to ensure there is no three-way tie.
The Packers now have an 82 percent chance of being number 1, according to the New York Times playoff simulator.
3 things to love about Packers' victory over Panthers

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