Pacman Jones believes Colin Kaepernick wants to play, but partially agrees with Antonio Brown’s criticism

When former NFL Colin Kaepernick sat down for an interview with the I Am Athlete podcast, former NFL cornerback Pacman Jones was one of the former players who interviewed Kaepernick. Now Jones joins former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown in questioning whether Kaepernick is doing enough to get his causes moving.
"As for the community part, I think AB is right," Jones said via "We haven't heard anything Kaep has done for the community or given back to the community after the settlement [with the NFL]. . . . That part of the question, I think AB is right.”
If you haven't seen it, don't look. It's not hard to find tangible evidence. For example, Kaepernick created Know Your Rights Camp "to raise awareness about higher education, self-empowerment, and instruction on how to properly handle law enforcement in different scenarios." This group donated $1.75 million to black and brown communities in 2020 to help with COVID relief. Other donations are listed on its official website.
Jones disagrees with Brown's assessment that Kaepernick doesn't want to play.
"I just think it's hard for a guy to do fairy tales for 2.5 hours, three hours every day, throwing the ball when you don't want to play," Jones said. "I think he wants to play. Does he deserve to play? That's another question. But does he want to play? I think he wants to play."
It's unclear why Jones is questioning whether Kaepernick "deserved" to play. It would be nice to know when Jones appears ambiguous on this point.
Jones has another concern regarding Kaepernick's reluctance to play wherever he can if the goal is to return to the NFL.
"I actually asked him that on the show because that was one of my points," Jones said. "If you're so dying to play, why don't you go and get a movie? He's adamant about the situation that he's an NFL quarterback. That was the part that made me want to take a different path. Because I had the chance to have football taken away from me and I was at the point where I wanted to play so badly that I would have gone and played anywhere.
That's not a bad point, but it's important to remember that while Jones nearly lost football due to his own misconduct, Kaepernick was shunned for five years and counting despite not breaking a single rule on or off the field Has. It's easy to see why he would refuse to play in any other league if he feels his ability to play in the NFL has been undeservedly taken away from him.
By the way, he's still being avoided. Nobody took him to practice. Even now, with rookie minicamps taking place across the league and various veterans being invited to attend on a trial basis, no one has shown any inclination to invite Kaepernick.
And nobody will. The ship has sailed.
Even if he goes into a different league and produces the best movie the NFL has ever seen, owners who choose to kneel to those who hate Kaepernick for kneeling during the anthem will continue to find excuses not give him a chance. Barring something incredibly unexpected and beyond impressive, that's definitely not changing, now and ever.
Pacman Jones believes Colin Kaepernick wants to play, but partially agrees with Antonio Brown's criticism, which originally appeared on Pro Football Talk
Colin Kapernick
Antonio Brown

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