Painting Your Bedroom This Color Could Lead to More Sex, Research Shows

Do you want an excuse to redecorate your bedroom? Here's a motivation. A recent UK survey suggests that painting your bedroom walls a certain color can improve your sex life. Have you finished your brush and connected the next Benjamin Moore to your GPS? Great. Then you can choose a few swatches of this silky, sensual color - and you'll be on the lookout for a rich, caramel shade. Read on to find out why, and to learn more about what colors to paint your house, read These colors will make any small room feel instantly bigger.
The UK survey carried out by Travelodge originally aimed to study the influence of bedroom color on sleep patterns. Of course, they couldn't do this without asking questions about other activities in the bedroom that might disturb a person's rest. Using data from 2,000 households in the UK, the researchers found that people who had their rooms painted caramel were the most likely to get it - an average of three times a week. Ironically, those who slept in red bedrooms - a color usually associated with love and lust - only had sex on average once a week.
Room renovated, painted
Fortunately for everyone who wants an active sex life and a stylish home, neutrality and naturalness are currently all the rage in home decor. A pampering caramel shade goes wonderfully with a range of styles, from mid-century to rustic minimalism. Think buttery leather accents and gorgeous walls that look like they could be drizzled over a baked goodie.
The Travelodge survey also suggests that painting your room blue, gray, or silver could inspire a number of other sleeping habits. Most importantly, those who slept in a blue room reported slept well: almost a full eight hours on average. Those who slept in gray bedrooms were more likely to spend time in bed shopping online. And those with silver bedroom walls were more likely to exercise in their bedroom.
The next time you are redecorating, the first thing to consider is your bedroom priorities. Whether you're sleeping better or looking for more sex, there's a color with your name. For more information on what could get you more action, see Men With These 3 Personality Traits Who Have Sex The Most.

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