Palmdale Sheriff's Deputy Saves 11-Month-Old Who Wasn't Breathing After Swallowing Coin

A sheriff's representative in Palmdale, California, quickly thought of rescuing an 11-month-old child who couldn't breathe after swallowing a coin. This shows footage from the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department.
The sheriff department announced further details in a Facebook post:
“On Sunday, May 31st, 2020, surveillance cameras captured the intense moment when two women were frantically running across a supermarket parking lot on the 3000-meter block on Rancho Vista Boulevard. One of them carried a flaccid, 11-month-old boy and stopped to hit him on the back. Moments earlier, the women took part in a protest in the park when the baby fell ill, stopped breathing, and passed out. They ran towards MPs who were across the street and monitored the protest to seek help.
Deputy Cameron Kinsey spotted the women approaching him, ran up to them, and met them in the parking lot. A concerned mother gave her son to the deputy, who immediately recognized that something was seriously wrong. Deputy Kinsey examined the child, swiped his mouth with a finger, and released vomit. Video recordings show a significant relief in the posture of all those walking around when the baby started breathing again and became alert again. Shortly thereafter, paramedics arrived and took the toddler to the hospital for treatment. It was later found that the little boy swallowed a coin that stuck in his throat and blocked the airways. It was Deputy Kinsey who opened the airways while sweeping the mouth and turned the coin aside to allow air to flow through.
"None of this matters," Deputy Kinsey said of all the other things that were going on around him at the time. "Only the baby." Credit: Sheriff's Department of Los Angeles County via Storyful

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