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A nine-second clip of a toddler disturbing fellow passengers on an airplane has been widely discussed on the internet.
Commenters call out the parents for allowing the child to misbehave.
Airplane etiquette is a hot topic online - especially when it comes to families flying with young children.
The Internet is debating parents who let their toddler disturb fellow passengers on an eight-hour flight.
In a video posted to the Public Freakout Reddit forum last week, a young child can be seen jumping up and down on a tray table, shaking the seat in front of her as the man sitting there bounces around.
The post went viral when many users called parents for allowing their child to "run wild" during the unidentified flight, which the user who posted the video said was eight hours long. It has received almost 20,000 upvotes and over 1,000 comments since it was first published on Tuesday.
It's unclear exactly where the family is from or what flight it was, but Reddit users speculated that the child appeared to be from the United States. The video sparked a discussion about how the parents and troubled man should have dealt with the bouncing toddler.
"I would feel like a failed parent if my kids did this and I would just let it happen," one user wrote.
"I hit the recline button timed with the jump and hope the extra few inches of force is enough to snap the tray table into place," read another comment.
Many criticized the unidentified man for not speaking up in the nine-second clip of the incident and for simply "allowing it".
Airplane etiquette has been a hot topic of late, especially when it comes to families with young children. In October, a mother was praised for asking a stranger to swap seats on a plane after documenting the "win-win" deal for TikTok, Insider's Michele Theil reported.
According to the report, the mother - named Anna Lyn Cook - offered another passenger a seat with extra legroom in exchange for his seat next to her family. Commenters were quick to point out that Cook complied with their request "in the right way."
"I would never ask anyone to change seats unless I could offer them a better option. If he doesn't want that, I'd be happy to except that. Also, we ALWAYS pay extra to select our seats when we have the opportunity." Cook wrote in the caption of her video.
Another TikToker received backlash in October for refusing to move seats to allow a family of three to sit together, the New York Post reported. In a video explaining her decision, Maresa Friedman encouraged families to plan ahead if they want to sit together.
"I'm sorry moms and families but as a fellow mom I'm not a villain for not giving up my place," her caption read.
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