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This spice is his mortal enemy and must be destroyed.
TikTok account owner @Moregremlin's parrot is at an all-out war with a spice bottle, and we have no idea why. What is it about that seemingly innocent bottle of Himalayan sea salt that this bird hates so much?
Watch this fun video to see how this bird just doesn't have it with this common pantry staple.
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We can't figure out what's the problem here, but TikTok users have some ideas. @Contemplative_moose hilariously says, "It definitely salted him." Wump Wump. @Clairelouise_q adds, "I guess you could say he feels... salty." Shauna adds, "If he had a little glove he'd hit the salt and challenge it to a duel at dawn." Another funny aspect of this video is that the owner keeps switching between the pronouns he and her, so obviously this bird responds to both. All we know is that they really hate that salt.
Some users post that pink salt is poisonous to birds, but we can't believe Stella can read the label. Maybe they just hate the color pink? All we know is that we side with this parrot every time in this eternal struggle.
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