Patrick Schwarzenegger Unveils Dramatic Physical Transformation After 50-Day Regimen

Patrick Schwarzenegger has a head start in the hot summer.
The Moxie actor just revealed a dramatic physical change that is guaranteed to keep you motivated. As Patrick described of his muscular body, which he showed off on Instagram on Wednesday May 5th, the 27-year-old star is "in the best shape of my life. Both physically and mentally."
Patrick explained that he religiously woke up at 5 a.m. (50 days in a row!) To start his training sessions.
"WHY 5 AM Challenge?" Before answering, he asked, "1. Start your day with some form of 'success' and build momentum for the rest of your day. 2. Show your mind / body that you are capable of doing what you don't want to. 3. Allows you to develop small morning rituals / habits that over time produce big results. "
And the actor's dedication has clearly paid off, as evidenced by a stunning before and after photo taken to document his progress. "1st photo 185 lbs 8% fat," he wrote. "2nd was 6 months ago. 163 lbs 13%."
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What is more? The midnight sun star did not start this process alone.
"We had 413 people who finished the challenge," he revealed. "Pretty wild. Some of the results were amazing. I made sense of it. Increased energy. Better sleeping habits. Some lost 15 to 30 pounds. People ate better all day. More productive at work. Find time for additional activity. "
Patrick Schwarzenegger
Patrick even shared messages he had received from the exercise program participants, saying, "Check out some of the texts I received. So inspiring."
"Thank you! That lifted me from the pandemic blues to working out consistency," read one text in part while another person said, "Thank you for doing that. I've lost over 30 pounds and feel mentally and spiritually so much better. " physically."
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver's son provided advice to those looking to start their own fitness journey but have not yet taken the plunge.
"I love creating goals / challenges because it gives your brain a literal GPS for a goal you're looking for. The biggest mistake we make is thinking that it will come overnight," he explained. "Everything takes time. That's why I mastered the challenge for 50 days so that people don't end after the first week."
Patrick Schwarzenegger
Many congratulated Patrick on his dedication, including his father, the former Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympia champion (like the governor of California and the legendary movie star).
"Great before the shoot. Good progress. I can't wait to see the post-photo," replied Arnold, to which his son replied. "I think this is the post-photo ... [crying, laughing, emoji."
"I love it," commented Patrick's longtime friend Abby Champion. Actor Cameron Fuller wrote: "Beast mode !!"
Patrick isn't the only celebrity showing off his new body in the past few days. See the epic transformations of your favorite stars here.
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