Patty Jenkins: Warner Bros. Forced VFX-Heavy ‘Wonder Woman’ Ending That Critics Panned

Patty Jenkins' "Wonder Woman 1984" press tour is defined by her honest revelations about her working relationship with Warner Bros. Jenkins now reveals to IGN in a video interview that it was Warner Bros. who forced them to turn the ending of the original 2017 film into a bombastic VFX-heavy fight.
Although Jenkins didn't announce the original 2017 ending to "Wonder Woman", she said it was far more pared down than what Warner Bros. forced her to do. The studio-commissioned ending featured Diana (Gal Gadot) taking on Ares (David Thewlis) in a VFX bonanza, but that climax was taken broadly by film critics. Jenkins said it was disappointing to see so many critics and fans end up getting stuck like this when she didn't make it up.
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"The original ending of the first film was also smaller, but the studio made me change it at the last minute," Jenkins told IGN. "And so it was always a bit stupid what people talk about because I agreed and told the studio we didn't have time for it, but it was what it was. I loved it, but that wasn't the original ending of the Films. "
As for Wonder Woman 1984, Jenkins had to indulge in the studio and embrace her own creative likes with an ending that did both. As the director explained, “This time you know what I loved about it? I love that it ends up having both. We had visual effects, a big battle that I was just delving into and that was so much fun that I felt so happy with. But in the end the ending of the movie is much more reduced. That was really a lot of fun. No spoilers, there are all sorts of things, but it was really fun making it different. "
"Wonder Woman 1984" opens in theaters on December 25th, the day it can be streamed on HBO Max for 31 days.
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