Paul George says he left Pacers after they refused to add best PF, reportedly Anthony Davis

Paul George said his Pacers outlet contains more than people thought.
Now with the clippers, George spills a lot of beans.
George appeared on the podcast "Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles" and listed some grievances that led to his departure from Indiana in 2017 - the Pacers were trading with Danny Granger instead of helping him recover from an injury. The Pacers traded with George Hill without informing George beforehand. George himself appears in trade rumors. Then George unveiled the last straw.
You know how to do it. Cats like "Yo, P, I want to play with you."
I will not say the names because I will keep their business private. I'll just put it this way: I had the best power forward at the time, who said he wanted to come to Indy and team up with me.
They say, "We are a mid-major. We are a small market. We cannot do it. We are a small market. We cannot afford that." I think "The best striker wants to play here." Can't you make this work? "They didn't want to do it.
So, I'm like - now I'm angry. What am I doing here? You know what I mean? You don't want to win. I have the best forward power that wants to play here. Not everyone chooses Indy to play. This guy wanted to come play here. They didn't want to do it.
George said the Pacers called George and said they were interested in other players instead (a top 20/25 striker and another player recovering from an injury).
After this call, I want to say, "You don't understand." I called my agent and said, "Man, get me out of here." You don't want to win.
George told the Pacers that he was planning to give free rein in 2018. They exchanged him for Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis for thunder.
The big question: who was this mysterious force forward?
The top power forward in 2017 was Blake Griffin. The Clippers gave him a Fast Max contract. I doubt he would have left LA for Indiana.
But the best striker in the league was Anthony Davis. And that's supposedly the one George was referring to.
J. Michael from The Indianapolis Star:
J. Michael
I keep getting comments from Blake Griffin. It was NOT him. PG refers to Anthony Davis, who had a few more years. No commitment to #Pacers beyond, and a team that self-guts itself to get AD and then have to compete with Lakers in the free agency made it a no-go
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status / 1275453956907384836
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Paul George says he had the best PF in the NBA at the time who was ready to team up with him in Indiana

"They didn't want to do it ... I called my agent like 'man, get me out of here. You don't want to win.'"

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Davis had three years left to sign the pelican contract. Maybe he wouldn't have stayed in Indiana beyond that, but that's a long time! Davis and George would have formed a great tandem.
Sure, there would have been a risk that George was heading for an unrestricted free act in 2018. And the Davis acquisition would certainly have required the return of significant long-term assets.
But as George says, the Pacers were too risk averse. I would not blame him for not wanting to stay with a team that is afraid of a low and is therefore unwilling to reach for a championship fight.
Of course there are other perspectives.
Summer 2017 was exactly between Davis, who steadfastly announced his commitment to New Orleans and wondered openly whether the pelicans had his back. Would he really have pushed to Indiana to trade? There is a big difference between friendly banter with George and actually requesting a trade. Stars talk about joining together much more often than they actually join together.
Even if Davis had requested a trade, would the pelicans really have surrendered? They resisted trading with him when he had only one and a half seasons to go. They had a lot more influence than he had three full seasons.
There is a good chance that George will get upset about something that would never have happened anyway.
Interestingly, Indiana was concerned that George would go to Los Angeles and maybe take Davis with him. George (Clippers) and Davis (Lakers) are now rivals there.
Paul George says he left Pacers after refusing to add the best PF. According to reports, Anthony Davis originally appeared on

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