Paul McCartney to People Who Think Masks Infringe on Civil Liberties: ‘That Is Stupid’

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On Friday, Paul McCartney ended his McCartney album trilogy with the release of McCartney III. On Sunday, he went to CBS This Morning to chat about how to record the record at home during "Rockdown" and compared it to other quarantine activities like bread-making and cleaning.
“The other thing people did was clear out their closets. So that was a bit of what [McCartney III] was, ”Macca explained. “I've just started clearing out my closets. For example, “What about the song that I started last year but never finished? "Let's look at this, let's end this."
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As with his other albums of the same name, McCartney played all of the instruments in his new collection of songs; However, due to COVID-19, he was reluctant to work with a few but a few engineers in his home. “I don't want to give it to anyone, and I don't want to get it,” the icon said before a message was sent to those who disagree with wearing masks.
"When people say," Wearing masks violates my civil liberties, "I say," No. That's stupid, "he said bluntly.
This feeling is the opposite of two other British legends: Van Morrison and Eric Clapton. The same day McCartney released his quarantined album, they dropped an anti-lockdown song called "Stand and Deliver".
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