Pelosi announces commission to invoke 25th amendment and remove Trump

The On the Move panel discusses Nancy Pelosi's announcement of a commission to allow Congress to invoke the 25th amendment and remove Trump from leadership.
Video transcript
ADAM SHAPIRO: There is so much to discuss politically. One of the best people at helping us understand what this all means, especially in elections, is Rick Newman. Especially if Nancy Pelosi doesn't come out and say the 25th amendment, or does it, in the bill she's now putting before Congress?
RICK NEWMAN: Well, I think ... I don't know if it says the 25th Amendment in it or not. I haven't read the bill. But I think I know exactly what she's doing. I think she's just trying to troll Trump. I mean, she knows how to get under Trump's skin. And she might even enjoy getting under Trump's skin. And I think that's exactly what is going on here.
If there's a political purpose, it's just to keep Trump off balance in the final weeks of the election. I mean, anyone watching should know that there is no chance that this bill they are trying to pass on whether Trump is now fit for service will ever become law. I mean, the Republican Senate isn't even going to take it up, so it's purely symbolic.
But look, Nancy Pelosi knows what she's doing. And what she's doing is continuing this conversation about whether Trump is too sick to serve right now, what the contingency plans must be, and obviously questioning his general suitability for the office if he faces Joe Biden.
DAN HOWLEY: Rick, is there anything that could come of this, or is it just a political play, part of the theater that is going on right now, and you really know how you said how she just pinned Trump publicly and, you know really get under your skin in person?
RICK NEWMAN: It's totally political theater, but yeah, it could turn into something. I mean, what Pelosi is trying to do is keep this idea in the slipstream of information that everyone is floating around in right now. The more Jet headlines and Twitter posts and Facebook posts she can create to ask questions, the more likely she is to keep Trump from becoming president.
Trump is staying away from the news, so he doesn't really need that much help. But Pelosi will try to get him dancing by November 3rd.
JULIE HYMAN: Yes, there was already a documentary called "Unfit" that looked at President Trump's mental fitness as president, but it was older than his last illness.
I also want to ask you about the Trump appearing in public, right? Because he said what to do, an interview, exposed, and then they talk about resuming the rallies because he has a doctor who gives him the all-clear, I think.
RICK NEWMAN: Trump goes to Trump. I mean he's ... I think he really hurts that he's stuck in the White House calling Fox News and doing those canned videos while Biden wants to campaign in the Swing States. I mean, Trump really needs to get out there and talk to the voters.
But let's see what he's actually doing. I mean, the only thing I noticed about Trump's strategy at this point is that he's really pulling back on a friendly audience. He's pulled out of the debate, which I think is a mistake, and just makes him look like he's running away from a debate because someone can potentially press a mute button on him.
And now he's talking about it, instead of debating, he wants rallies. I think at this point he's actually featured in Rush Limbaugh's co-hosting of the radio show. I mean, that's just, he's preaching to the choir, obviously a conservative audience. If Trump is only talking to people who already support him for the next three and a half weeks, or whatever time we have left, I think failure is only a foregone conclusion.
He has to do two things. There could still be 4% to 5% of the voters undecided. You need to talk to them. And he has to get some disgusted Republicans out and just convince them to come out and vote. And if he's only talking to people who are willing to show up at a rally and take the health risk involved, he's just preaching to the choir. And I don't think that will change anything.

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