Pelosi: Congress will discuss rules for Trump's removal under 25th amendment

Democrats in the US Congress have announced a plan to create a commission to examine whether Donald Trump is in a position to carry out his duties as president or whether he should be removed from office.
The office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced a press conference on the bill on Friday after expressing concern that Trump, who is being treated in the White House for coronavirus, is under a "disconnection from reality" suffers.
The president has sparked a spate of erratic and contradicting tweets and statements over the past few days that have disorganized staff and raised concerns about its stability.
In a zigzag interview on the Fox Business channel on Thursday, his first since his hospital stay, Trump (74) bragged: "I'm back because I'm a perfect physical specimen and extremely young. And so I'm lucky. "
Pelosi, who is negotiating a Covid-19 stimulus plan, replied at her weekly press conference: "The President can't say it's a perfect physical copy. Copy, maybe I can agree ... And young, he said he was young. "
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Trump "is currently in an altered state" and "separating from reality would be fun if it weren't so deadly," added the 80-year-old spokesman while wearing a mask.
Trump reacted angrily to Pelosi's maneuver and tweeted, "Crazy Nancy is the one who should be watched. They don't call her crazy for nothing!"
He's also retweeted Republican allies, including Congressman Mark Green, who wrote, "I wouldn't get @SpeakerPelosi behind orchestrating a coup." She has already armed impeachment. What's to stop them from arming the 25th Amendment? We need a new speaker! "
In the surprise move on Thursday, Pelosi announced that Democrats will meet to focus on the 25th amendment to the Constitution, which includes a clause that allows a president to step out of the office for physical or mental incapacity against his will Office to be removed.
Her office followed suit by announcing that Pelosi and Maryland Congressman Jamie Raskin will hold a press conference on Friday at 10:15 am to "discuss the establishment of the Commission on the President's Ability to Relieve the Powers and Duties of the Office."
The legislation will create the body and process called for in the 25th Amendment to "allow Congress to ensure effective and uninterrupted leadership in the highest office of government executive," he added.
Although the 25th amendment allows Pelosi to set up such a body to review the president's health and fitness for office, the House of Representatives would not be able to get Trump out of office without the approval of Vice President Mike Pence and his members remove cabinet. You have given no indication that such a move is imminent.
The Democratically-run house charged Trump last year with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress after attempting to press Ukraine for political favors. The Republican-controlled Senate did not condemn him.
Trump tweeted last Friday morning that he tested positive for coronavirus and he was flown to a military hospital that evening. After a three-day stay, including a car ride to wave to his followers, he flew back to the White House and caused outrage by removing his mask.
He has received a variety of treatments including doses of remdesivir, an antiviral drug, supplemental oxygen, a controversial experimental antibody treatment from US biotech Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, and dexamethasone, a steroid some medical experts warn about that can cause insomnia and mood swings .
Despite continued confusion about Trump's condition, the president's doctor, Dr. Sean Conley, he assumed that Trump could safely return to public engagement on Saturday.
Pelosi said, "I've quoted others to say that there are those who say that if you are on steroids and / or if you have had Covid-19 or both - it can lead to impaired judgment." But doctors and scientists have to find out, too, but it was very strange, really surprising. "
Trump has released video messages and dozens of tweets that have twisted themselves in all directions and sown clutter by the standards of his Mercury presidency.
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This week, he abruptly announced that he would break off talks with Pelosi on additional coronavirus economic relief laws and surprise Republicans, only to partially reverse his position later. On Thursday, he suddenly stated that he would not participate in the debate with Joe Biden for the next week after it was announced on Thursday morning that the event would be virtual rather than in person.
And the president has returned to the Oval Office despite isolation rules that should have kept him out, and the White House itself has become a virus hotspot. At least 20 people in or near the Executive Villa have tested positive for Covid-19 in the past few days.
In Trump's hour-long interview with Fox Business on Thursday, observers found further cause for concern. He reasoned that he could have contracted the virus at a reception for military families at the White House. "They want to hug me and they want to kiss me," he said. "And they do, and frankly, I'm not telling them to back up."
He claimed his hospitalization was unnecessary. “I honestly didn't have to go in. I think it would have gone away on its own.” And he made the false claim: “I don't think I'm contagious at all. Remember, if you catch it, you'll get better. And then you are immune. "
It happened after he got out of the hospital and announced that people shouldn't fear Covid-19, even though it has already killed 212,000 people in America and many others among the 7.6 million infected in the US with severe and sometimes persistent symptoms suffered.
In response to Wednesday's vice-presidential debate, he called California Democratic Senator Kamala Harris a "communist" and "monster" who "wants to open the borders so murderers, murderers and rapists can pour into our country."
On the previous Wednesday, the president tweeted a video of himself describing his contraction of the virus as a “blessing from God”.
After the 25th amendment, Pence would take over if Trump were deemed incapacitated, followed by Pelosi. Pence reported Thursday that he had tested negative for coronavirus.

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