Pelosi hatches plan to oust Trump — but it requires McConnell and Pence to play ball

Less than four weeks before the November 3 election, House Democrats are pursuing an obscure constitutional provision to remove Donald Trump from office over perceived concerns about his health and "ability to perform the powers and duties of office".
Spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Congressman Jamie Raskin of Maryland will enact legislation Friday to create a so-called "Commission on the President's Ability to Relieve the Powers and Duties of Office" included in the 25th amendment to delete a disabled President from office and replace him with the vice-president.
In order to sanction and set up such a committee, both the House and the GOP-controlled Senate would have to pass the necessary laws. This is an unrealistic result considering that Mitch McConnell controls the upper chamber levers.
Additionally, Vice President Mike Pence would have to agree that the President is incapacitated to replace him.
It was not immediately clear whether Ms. Pelosi even had the votes in her own chamber to pass such a law.
The spokesman has speculated that Mr Trump could be in an unhealthy state of mind due to the drugs he is receiving for his ongoing fight against Covid-19.
"The president is currently in a changed state," Ms. Pelosi said in an interview with Bloomberg TV on Thursday.
"I don't know how to respond to this behavior," she said.
"There are people who say that if you take steroids or have Covid-19 it may impair judgment," she said, referring to the reported cocktail of drugs - including steroids - that Mr Trump used to treat the Symptoms have taken his Covid-19 diagnosis.

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