Pence breaks silence to condemn Democrats' sweeping voting reform bill

In some of his largest remarks since January 6, former Vice President Mike Pence wrote a comment on Wednesday condemning the House Democrats' sweeping election and anti-corruption proposal as an "unconstitutional takeover" by "leftists."
Why It Matters: Pence has remained largely silent since the Capitol Rebellion, during which rioters sang "Hang Mike Pence" after former President Trump made claims the Vice President could block certification of the electoral college.
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The big picture: Pence wrote in The Daily Signal, reiterating dubious claims that the 2020 election would be "marked by significant voting irregularities."
Be Smart: While there are some irregularities in every election, state and federal officials have vouched for the security and integrity of the election.
Lawsuits against election results have been rejected by courts across the country, including the Supreme Court.
What They Say: "Polls show that large numbers of Democrats did not trust the results of the 2016 election and that large numbers of Republicans still did not trust the results of the 2020 election," Pence wrote.
Pence called the Democratic reform bill that the House will pass on Wednesday "an unconstitutional, ruthless and anti-democratic bill that could ... cause permanent damage to our republic."
"Leftists not only want you to be powerless at the ballot box," wrote the former Vice President, "they want to silence and censor anyone who dares to criticize their unconstitutional takeover."
Details: The Democrats' For the People Act, first introduced in 2019, contains provisions to restore the right to vote for offenders, to extend early and absentee voting, to set national standards for early voting and voter registration, and to register voters online or at the polls and prevent voters from being purged.
Pence argued that the bill would undermine electoral reform efforts at the state and local levels.
He wrote that the bill "prescribes the most questionable and abusive electoral rules across the country while prohibiting sensible measures to detect, deter and prosecute electoral fraud."
Bottom Line: Pence called the January 6 events "tragic" and said they had "robbed the American people of a substantive discussion in Congress about electoral integrity in America." He didn't even mention the name "Trump".
Go Deeper: The Democrats' Comprehensive Reform Bill
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