Pence Hosts Maskless Rally At Retirement Community, Clearly Doesn’t Care About COVID

Pence is holding a maskless rally in an elderly community among a population very vulnerable to COVID-19
Honestly, at this point, I think the Trump-Pence Administration has reviewed the effect. If they really wanted to win, they would stop trying to make their base sick. A week after the President of the United States signed COVID-19, Vice President Pence held a rally in the world's largest age community in Florida - you know where the elderly live - and 3,000 people came out and packed up, and if I did blink may see a mask or two.
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The rally in Florida took place on Saturday, October 10, 2020, in The Villages 55+ age group. Yahoo News reports that Tim Murtaugh, campaign communications director, boasted that 3,000 people were in attendance. Yes, 3000 people are exposed to the virus for no good reason. Trump may be completely uneducated about the coronavirus, but he knows that the very people who heard Pence speak are the same demographic that he knows are very susceptible to virus complications.
Josie Ensor, a journalist for The Telegraph, was at the rally and said that "about a quarter of the people here are wearing masks," and that Pence's team displayed socially distant chairs that were all ignored and pushed together. Ensor also spoke to a member of the secret service who said there was no limit to attendance and heard a retiree tell her friend, "It's about social distancing."
Oh, and apparently there was a medical tent nearby for anyone who needed help from the sun, and the medical technicians didn't wear masks either!
Another person in the area spotted these signs in the sky above the rally that day.
The Trump administration has been holding mask-free rallies for weeks. This behavior is nothing new. But now they do it in old people's homes? I mean, it's the lack of respect for human life for me. Even after learning firsthand that someone in their 70s who got COVID-19 would have to be flown to a medical facility and pumped full of experimental drugs, Trump still says, yes, let him congregate. At this point in time, the Trump pence camp cannot claim that this is a rally and that people have the "freedom" to take care of themselves, knowing that their base is a bunch of thing-a-lings who apparently hate masks. I think Pence knows these rallies are spreading COVID-19. I just think he doesn't care.
Nine people who took part in a Trump rally in Minnesota last month now have COVID-19, and one has been admitted to intensive care. Then there was also the rose garden event where Trump spread COVID-19 to all of his colleagues even though it was outside. Oh and so we don't forget that Herman Cain took part in the Tulsa rally and then died after signing COVID. When will this administration start taking care of its base?
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