Pence's fly lands at 'Saturday Night Live'

The fly on Vice President Mike Pence's head during his debate Wednesday with challenger Kamala Harris landed on Saturday Night Live with Jim Carrey as the fly.
The debate started with the presenter, played by Kate McKinnon, who said, "Between the candidates. We have installed buffet-style sneakers because one of them works for Patient Zero."
Pence, played by Beck Bennett, said he was a fan of the host state, Utah. "Although their basketball team is named after my greatest fear, jazz."
Harris, played by SNL alum Maya Rudolph, said, "I speak. I speak. Estoy hablando Nevada, Arizona, some parts of Texas."
Pictured: Maya Rudolph as Kamala Harris at the 'Saturday Night Live' opening on October 10, 2020. (NBC)
When asked about Trump's condition after his battle with Covid-19, Pence said, "The president is doing amazingly well thanks to his team of scared doctors."
The vice president also credited "a 'macho man' Randy Savage amount of steroids" for the president's alleged recovery.
Harris' runner-up Joe Biden, played by Jim Carrey, was watching the debate from home but wanted to be teleported there to make contributions.
Just like Jeff Goldblum in the 1986 film The Fly, Biden is mistaken for an insect during the teleportation process and ends up as a fly on Pence's head.
"Now he's full of gold flowers," said Biden's wife Jill, played by Heidi Gardner.
"Apartments dot com," said Carrey, "the most popular place to find a place."
A fly bearing the resemblance of the late coronavirus patient Herman Cain, played by Kenan Thompson, joined Carrey on Pence's head.
"You invited me to a rally without a mask," said Cain. "Said everything is fine, Herman. Three days later I'm gone."
Later on the show, the Weekend Update news segment was impressed by President Donald Trump's claim of a speedy recovery from Covid-19.
"This week was Mental Illness Awareness Week. Trust me, we know it," said Colin Jost, co-host.
He said Trump "took his doctors hostage and broke out of the hospital like Sarah Connor in 'Terminator 2'."
Image: Comedian Bill Burr will host 'Saturday Night Live' on October 10, 2020. (NBC)
"I think he must have been in a coma thinking the year was 2016," said Jost, "because he started soliciting Hillary's emails and arresting the Obama administration."
Host Michael Che didn't celebrate Trump's apparent recovery.
"Trump said getting Covid was like a blessing from God," he says. "I bet even God said, 'Hey, we tried guys.'"
Musical guest Jack White honored the memory of Eddie Van Halen, who died of throat cancer on Tuesday at the age of 65, with a guitar model recommended by the late rocker.
"Eddie was very nice to me and made sure that this guitar was made for me according to my specifications," White said on Instagram on Saturday.
Planned musician Morgan Wallen, a country singer, was dropped from the night's program on Wednesday and was later replaced by White after it was reported that he had violated SNL's coronavirus protocol.
Comedian Bill Burr moderates.

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