Pennsylvania University Threatens to Punish Students for Misusing Classmates’ Pronouns

Point Park University in Pennsylvania warned students and said in an email that "action could be taken" if they fail to respect their classmates' preferred pronouns.
An email from the University's Office of Equity and Inclusion, first received by Campus Reform, informed students of their anti-discrimination policies, including their "Misgendering, Pronoun Misuse and Deadnaming Policy".
"The Justice and Inclusion Bureau would like the 2021-2022 academic year with information on current policies that exist through our office and information on the policy on preferred names, gender misconduct, pronoun abuse and dead names (the use of a legal" dead "name of the person instead of the chosen or preferred name of the person) as well as resources for microaggressions and additional training," the email reads.
The school's “Preferred Name Policy” allows students and teachers to use their preferred name when a valid name is not required.
The office informed students that "anyone who is informed of another person's gender identity, pronouns, or chosen name is expected to respect that person".
“Although the university recognizes intent versus impact, we must recognize that if a person is adversely affected, regardless of intent, action can be taken when a complaint is made,” the email read.
It is unclear what “measures” the school intends to take against those who violate the policy.
The email also provided students with a guide to pronouns and inclusive language, which the report said was created by a former student.
The guideline recommends the use of “gender-sensitive language” in order to avoid “trans- and gender-inconsistent people feeling isolated”. It suggests replacing gender-specific terms such as “boyfriend”, “girlfriend”, “lady and gentleman” and “he or she” with gender-neutral versions such as “partner”, “students and guests” or “you”.
Logan Dubil, both a student at the university and a campus reform correspondent, told Fox News that the policy is against the beliefs of many students, "especially conservative students."
“I personally believe in science. There are two genders and two genders: male and female, ”Dubil said. “The guidelines in question force me to act against my beliefs. The fact that I can be disciplined if I don't follow guidelines that violate my conscience is worrying. "
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