People Are Calling On Stores Like Target And Whole Foods To Take The 15 Percent Pledge

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The Internet offers many opportunities to support black-owned companies. However, if you visit your favorite large retailer, it can be much more difficult to find their products. A new campaign is asking stores to make room for more of these companies, which is known as a 15 percent promise.
The campaign was launched by Aurora James, a fashion designer and founder of the Brother Vellies label, and is calling on major retailers such as Target, Whole Foods and Sephora to keep the promise. The campaign got its name, as The Takeout emphasized, because according to the US Census Bureau, 15 percent of Americans are black. Retailers who commit would promise black-owned companies 15 percent of their shelf space, making the retail space of their stores at least proportional to the US population. Not only would this help create more equity for consumer-bought products, it would also help put $ 14.5 billion back into black communities, the website said.
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This campaign is always important, of course, but as the website states, this is especially important now that black-owned companies are suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a graphic on the website created by @monachalabi, 21 percent of black-owned companies say they don't think they will survive the pandemic, and 40 percent of black-owned companies had to close during the outbreak. In addition, black-owned companies appear to have been excluded from corona virus support.
In an Instagram post, Aurora explained her mission and why this is an opportunity for companies to make a real and positive change towards diversifying their brands in stores and combating the systemic racism that is preventing them from achieving these rankings.
"Don't get me wrong, I understand the complexity of this request. I am a businesswoman," she wrote: "I have sold millions of dollars of products over the years in a store that I started at $ 3,500 at a flea market. So I'm telling you, we can find out. This is an opportunity. It is your opportunity to get on the right side. "
You can sign the petition here.
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