People Are Calling Out The Most Toxic Things Celebrities Do, And Yikes, They Didn't Hold Back

We recently asked the BuzzFeed community to tell us the most poisonous things famous people do. Here are the surprising results:
1. "EDIT PHOTOS! We all know they don't look like them, and they still do, even though people relentlessly yell them for them."
2. "Asking us (who earn a fraction of their income) to donate for something - if they clearly can and more."
3. "When celebrities with famous parents and / or families deny that nepotism played a role in their careers when it clearly was."
"I can think of a lot of celebrities who wouldn't be famous if they weren't born into it."
—Come here themed sweats
4. "At the start of the pandemic, in lockdown they posted things like, 'Stay home, it's not that hard; we're all in it together.'"
"Yeah, it wouldn't be difficult for me to stay home all day when I have a movie theater, tennis court, swimming pool and god knows what in my house!"
5. “Hypocritical.
6. “When celebrities use their fame to advance pseudoscience and general quackery. Actors / models / singers are not doctors; they shouldn't give medical advice and nobody should listen. "
7. "When they say, 'If I can do it, so can you!' In fact, most of us can't. We don't have access to personal trainers, cooks, nannies, housekeepers, drivers, personal assistants, and so on. "
"We don't all have the same 24 hours a day."
8. "Claim to care about the environment, say they care a lot about climate change, and then catch private jets."
9. "I don't need to know anything about your marriage (i.e., secret affairs and orgasms). When I look at you, Will Smith."
Paras Griffin / Getty Images
10. The "I lost my baby weight before I had my baby" posts. Not everyone can afford a nanny, nutritionist and personal trainer so they can keep exercising after the birth. And who wants that anyway? "
“The 'snap back' after the birth. I don't have to have children myself to know that this is not a healthy expectation for most women. "
11. "When they break the law and get reduced sentences or fines just because they are famous and can hire great lawyers."
—Raspberry girl
12. "Vomiting up on your marital problems to match us with peons, post pictures of their lavish parties, and force their kids to appear on their social media accounts."
13. "I wouldn't call it poisonous, but recently celebrities seem to be eager to give us private, crude information in order to appear 'relatable'."
"Like, 'Hahaha, I bathe once a month.' “I pee in a bottle at the gym because I can't get my ass to go in the back room and would rather show my penis in public.” “I don't use deodorant.” “My husband had to suck my swollen nipple. "Why are you telling us this information? I don't want it. Stop sharing all this crude information that we don't need."
14. "Using plastic surgery and / or Photoshop to change the way you look and say it's all natural - and then sell products with it."
“I don't mind if celebs aren't ready to come out and say they've had plastic surgery - it's their private business. But when they deny they have done their job, it is so harmful to the average person because we all kill ourselves. ”With diet and exercise, trying to get results that are not realistic. What's worse is when they go one step further and attribute their "perfect" appearance to a very specific product / diet / exercise. I remember Olivia Munn saying her skin was amazing because of a Japanese sweet potato. Give me a break."
15. "Post photos of your children in the hospital when they are sick! This is private and the child doesn't need these pictures out there."
16. "I find it most annoying when they fit into a public discourse that doesn't need them."
"Just like at the height of the BLM protests, Madonna patted herself on the shoulder with the 'Like A Prayer' video for her 'alertness'."
- trilingual mother
17. "Not knowing the names of producers, cameramen, and other people on the set of a movie / talk show."
"And yes, I'm referring to the James Corden moment."
18. "They only equate their success with hard work and never mention the happiness of being rich and famous."
-Thank you thank you
19th .. "'Do you know how hard it is to have interview after interview and answer the same questions?" Yes. Most of us go to the same job and do the same work every day. "
- glittering bladder50
20. "Definitely one and only promotion. I started following Jennifer Lopez on Instagram and damn, she's boring."
21. And finally, “To complain about things that so many people would be grateful for. They don't live the same reality as most of us and still don't understand it. "
“When you're trying to be relatable, sitting in your multi-million dollar mansions, sad that you can't go abroad, or complaining that your mother won't let you buy Louboutins? You have all the money and that's fine, I guess but stop pretending your life is difficult. That's not it. Sure, celebrities have problems - I won't deny that - but please. "
YIKES. Do you agree to this? What are some other things famous people do that are actually toxic? Let us know in the comments below.
Note: some answers have been edited for length and / or clarity.

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