People Are Obsessed With This Met Gala Moment When Timothée Chalamet Reminded Keke Palmer They'd Met Before

So, as we all know, the Met Gala was that Monday. Many stars were in attendance, including Keke Palmer, who interviewed celebrities on the red carpet.
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She had a number of delightful interviews, like this one with Frank Ocean.
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But the interview everyone was talking about was her exchange with Timothée Chalamet.
In the clip, Timothée stops in the middle of his thoughts and reminds Keke that they have met before.
Vogue / YouTube / Via
Keke asks when, and Timothée points to the 2014 Teen Vogue Young Hollywood shoot, which featured actors like Kaitlyn Dever and Jaden Smith, as well as Keke and Timothée.
Then he delightfully reminds her that her mother was there.
Vogue / YouTube / Via
Well, the interview moment was darn cute, and everyone noticed that Timothée not only changed the track to mention their last meeting, but he beamed throughout the interview.
Vogue / YouTube / Via
Some people even noticed that he seemed to be looking at her lips ...
... and a certain moment reminded people of another flirtatious icon ...
Vogue / YouTube / Via
... looking similar?
I mean, if Timothée was flirting a bit ... who can blame him?
The interview was fun too, as it took Keke a moment to remember meeting Timothée ...
... giving everyone the opportunity to make the same joke - also known as a reference to Keke's iconic meme "Sorry to this man".
Overall, Keke did a great job on the red carpet and people loved all of their celebrity interactions.
People even campaigned for Keke to get her own late night show.
To which Keke herself responded (with another of her iconic memes).
We can't wait to see you one day on your own talk show, Keke and Timothée? Good luck my friend. You can watch her full interview here:

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