People Are Pointing Out Signs That Someone Was Raised Poorly, And There Are No Lies Detected

This week, Reddit user u / GamerStudio3Gaming asked, "What is a sign that someone has been badly brought up?"
And there were so many great answers! Here are some of the top rated answers:
1. "Constant interruption during the conversation. Damn it, control your impulses at the simplest possible level."
–U / Tacos_117
2. "Nothing is ever their fault. Either their parents refused to admit that their child wasn't perfect, or they think the world wants to get them."
–U / pajama kittens
3. "Eat all full nachos. You cannot go to a restaurant and order full nachos to share and then eat all full nachos."
-U / Glass_Mansion
Getty Images
4. "The way they treat service staff, like gas station attendants and waiters, is a good indication."
-U / AlexDP1001
5. "The way they argue. If it's endless shouting that the opposing party has no chance of even speaking, that's a good sign that they've been spoiled."
–U / dieseapug
6. "Leave rubbish on the table in fast food restaurants."
–U / whizwit85
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7. “How they react to a 'no'. There's the 'okay, well then' way and the 'you filthy bitch, how dare you deny me?' It's not even just dating. Say no to someone who wants to borrow from you or ask for a lift and it will be the same. "
–U / GreenAppleLady
8. “They play their music super loud on a quiet train / plane / bus. Nobody wants to hear your fucking playlist, dude. Wear headphones. "
–U / ado_adonis
9. "Being a shitty houseguest who can quietly watch someone else clean up your mess and not even offer to help."
–U / humourless_radfem
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10. "Bad table manners."
-U / sonia72quebec
"Smacking while eating. For God's sake, no one has a reason to eat like a pig and force other people to hear them chew. It's not only disgusting, it's very rude."
–U / Unusual_Fork
11. "Don't say the 'magic words' - please and thank you."
–U / Jenaveeve
12. "How to get out of a toilet."
–U / kungfumovelady
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13. "Making fun of people with disabilities, people with lower economic backgrounds, or people who are not that 'cool'."
–U / No-Landscape1485
14. "You don't respect other people's boundaries."
–U / Far_Mirror_7182
15. "Spits on the street!"
-U / fermat1432
"Chewing gum too! I'm so damn sick of scratching chewing gum off the soles of my shoes because someone couldn't wait to get to a trash can."
–U / iamnumber47
Getty Images
16. "If they keep their shoes on in someone's house. You definitely never had to clean that. I mean, at least take your shoes off when you see the host taking them off."
–U / ChangbinsPizzaChin
17. "Throw trash out of the car window."
-U / Aspective-Farm 981
18. And finally: "The test of a person's decency is whether they put the shopping cart back in the carousel when it is finished, or just leave it in the parking lot."
“It's a good test because it's not illegal, just inconsiderate. So you get a real test of how people behave when they don't have to follow the rules. "
–U / Punchable_Hair
Getty Images
What are other signs that someone was badly brought up? LMK in the comments below!
Answers have been edited for length and / or clarity.

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