People Are Revealing The "Oh, Hell No" Moment That Caused Them To Leave Their Relationship

Note: This post contains mentions of abuse.
Depending on the circumstances, ending a relationship or even a marriage can be extremely difficult. However, there are times when you may hit a breaking point that will cause you to quit for good for whatever reason.
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Reddit user u/donutnolikey asked, "What was your OH HELL NAH moment in a relationship that made you want to leave?" and reading the many replies about why people chose to leave their partners left took me on an emotional roller coaster ride. Here are some of them.
Note: Some answers have been edited for length and clarity.
1. "There was a lot of crap, but that was the last straw. One night when he was out with friends late, I locked the door before going to bed. He'd lost his house key and never bothered to bring it up, which was kind of my fault. He woke me up by banging on the window and when I let him in he started screaming and throwing things at me. He told me to pack my things and leave and locked me out of our bedroom. I slept on the couch. The next morning he behaved normally, as if nothing had happened. I was gone that day because I didn't feel safe anymore."
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2. "She stole my car, drove it from Washington to Las Vegas, and married a guy she met on Xbox Live so he could get residency."
3. "My ex-wife started an argument with me one morning while I was on my way to the funeral of a childhood friend. I asked her if she couldn't do that now. Her response was 'Oh poor you.' That was the beginning of the end."
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4. "She crawled through my dog ​​door at 1:30 am, searched my phone, and then asked me why I was talking to another woman. Oh I forgot to mention I broke up with her a month ago not in a relationship while she was performing that stunt."
5. "I've been in a relationship with a woman for a while and she's always made fun of my music tastes and other different choices. It was kind of mundane things, like things that reflect personality - TV shows I liked, artists I liked We took a ride in the car (definitely the best way to see if a relationship will work, let's be honest.) I just had this epiphany that I was in an abusive relationship, but I didn't have low self esteem so it didn't really affect me. For the most part, I'd just find it funny or think, "What's she talking about this time?" I broke up with her about two weeks later."
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6. "My ex-boyfriend was angry that his mom called him to wake him up at 10am. So after the call he punched a hole in his door, threw his phone against the window, violently woke me up and yelled at me to buy a new door so his parents wouldn't kick him out."
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7. "I've noticed that whenever she comes back from drinking I'll try to go to sleep, and that's because she regularly blacked out and got mean (not in a sexy way) to me."
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8. "I was in a five-year relationship with this guy who was mentally abusive. One year my sister-in-law had pregnancy complications, so my family decided to go to their house for Christmas, so she didn't have to drive about five hours to get to our place. I told my friend and he said, "Well obviously you don't drive." Turns out, not seeing my family at Christmas was exactly the nudge."
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