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The other day Redditor asked u/AccomplishedDrag7526, "Who is a celebrity nobody hates?" and people shared tons of celebs that basically everyone loves - and some even revealed their real-life encounters with them. Here are some of the most intriguing answers:
1.Steve Burns
"I walked up to a panel where he was speaking and I sobbed like a baby, especially as we sang the farewell song. Someone asked if he looked up to Steve from Blue's Clues, his character, and he said that for years with a lot of his mental health issues, he never asked for help, and he finally realized that of everyone, Steve was always asking for help . That's one of the hardest things for me - asking for help."
2.Fred Rogers (aka Mister Rogers)
"I met him when I was a young punk working in a video rental company. He really was a saint. He chatted with us for a while and treated me and my co-workers with the same respect and love that he treated everyone on his show. As he left he told us he was proud to have such good, upstanding young men as neighbors. One of my fondest memories.”
3. Julie Andrews
“I actually went on tour with Julie for two weeks. It was kind of an evening with... guy. On the first day she knew all the names of the crew, chatted with everyone, told stories and asked about our lives. By the way On the third show, she was the "crew mom" making sure we all got enough rest and food. She literally interrupted a rehearsal when our breakfast was delivered too late for us all to eat. . It is the only time a show goes on. At the end we were all a little sad because we wouldn't be seeing her again. Beautiful woman inside and out."
4.Steve Buscemi
"He seems super nice. We trick or treat in the same neighborhood every year and he almost always dresses up to give out candy and is great with all the kids.”
5.Betty White
"I was fortunate to work with Betty White, so I got to see her in an environment where she didn't have to be nice or focus on her public image; she could be herself - and she was exactly the same: she lived for the joy of other people. It was manna for them. Betty was one of a kind. It would not be possible not to like her. "
6. Dolly Parton
“I saw her at a concert at the Hollywood Bowl; she is unbelievable. Her show was 1/3 dirty jokes and the rest music — and she plays every instrument.”
7.Brendan Fraser
“I never heard an unkind word about him. Haven't heard a single complaint about his comeback. Even Leonardo DiCaprio apparently loves him because he was the only guy who never treated him like the new kid on the block."
8. Dick Van Dyke
“My dad met him once and said he walked into the store as casually as possible in jogging bottoms and wanted to buy a VCR. Said he was in town on business. My dad was super excited as Van Dyke is one of his favorite actors. My dad told me he was super down to earth and kind."
9.Christina Applegate
“I'm watching season 3 of Dead to Me. Her acting is captivating, the emotions she exudes are too raw and real to just act. She appears to be pouring her soul from her recent MS diagnosis. She is amazing and has suffered so much. On a lighter note, her portrayal of Kelly Bundy () hooked me as a teenager for so many other reasons. She made an impression. She's had quite a career and life arc. I hope the rest of her years are kind to her."
10.David Tennant
“I met DT when he was performing at a theater where I worked. That was after Casanova but before Doctor Who was announced. He was a lovely guy, really kind and generous with his time (I was on the marketing team so we asked him a lot). From what I can tell, he's a great guy."
11. Stranger Al Yankovic
"He's the nicest guy. When I was 12, I was hospitalized with brain tumors. Al called my hospital room, sent me a care package, and invited me backstage to a couple of concerts this summer.”
12. Le Var Burton
"I met him at a con years ago and I can attest that he is an amazing person. He is charismatic and very nice.”
13.John Candy
"I just watched a video of Conan O'Brien talking about meeting John Candy while he was in college and getting to give him a personal tour of Harvard. He said he's a really nice guy and cracks jokes all the time, and he gave Conan some comedy and writing advice. He even took a picture of Conan, and Conan received the picture from John's family a few years later after he died. He seemed like a really nice and funny person.
14. Paul Rudd
"I saw him once in one of those 'Celebrities Read Mean Tweets' things on Kimmel. At one point he tweeted, 'Paul Rudd is the most boring vanilla guy. You know, he just sits at home with his wife over a boring spaghetti dinner and talks about his day.' I love Paul Rudd and he seemed to find it hilarious."
15.Rick Moranis
"I know someone who has worked very closely with him for decades and can attest to this: he's really, really nice."
And finally...
16.Henry Winkler
"I met him once and he was so genuine and lovely. Although there were a lot of people trying to get his attention, he took his time with each person and made them feel special. Also, when Betty White died and someone on Twitter suggested that he should be the nation's grandpa in her place, he said, 'We're all going for ice cream... get your coats,' and that's the kind of energy I pick up the world would like to have."
Julie Andrews
American television personality

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