People Are Sharing Examples Of "Toxic Femininity" And Some Are Controversial

On Monday, Reddit user u / VysX_ asked, "There is poisonous masculinity, but what are examples of poisonous femininity?" People came through with some interesting examples of things women do - usually to other women - that might be viewed as problematic.
According to, toxic masculinity is defined as "a cultural concept of masculinity that exalts stoicism, strength, masculinity and dominance and that is socially inappropriate or detrimental to mental health".
Here is what they said:
1. "Since toxic masculinity pretty much says that the 'right' way to be a man is to be masculine, I think that toxic femininity is the same in that it has to do with acting that way as if certain ways of being a woman are 'superior' to others. "
-U / Strict_Lab3333
2. "For me, that would mean that women incite other women into women's labor in a different way than they do. Some women will not benefit from letting you know that you are raising yourself wrongly by using a product or yours Making child do certain things. It gets really toxic, especially after birth. "
- u / echano2340
3. "There's a lot of shame everywhere, especially online. 'You plan on not taking medication? God you don't get a medal. You take medication? Wow, you are so weak. Breastfeeding? What, are you abusing your child ?! You Do you spit on mothers who can't ?! Are you going back to work? What's wrong with you? Don't you love your child? '"
- u / Darkovika
4. "Even things as simple as 'you've got the easy way out' for a caesarean section (not easy with major abdominal surgeries). Women who don't support other women are gross."
—U / bittersweet feline
5. "When women form cliques in the workplace, excluding anyone they consider outsiders."
—U / BringBackRobotWars
6. "People who are mothers who treat other people like crap and then justify it by saying they are a 'bear mommy". Lady, you just yelled at a waitress because there was broccoli in your kid's mac and cheese and your kid doesn't like broccoli. "
—U / zanovar, u / GaimanitePkat,
7. "Women minimize other women's pain. Happened all the time in healthcare for example. Slightly problematic because people don't know that not all periods are the same. One woman can spend three days in the fetal position with stabbing pain and another like: "Period? Oh, that drop of blood? Yeah, no big deal."
—U / OutrageousMoose8, u / Pistachio_Queen
8. "To be ashamed of natural functions. I know men do too (to some extent), but women, in my opinion, are more inclined to judge body hair, wrinkles, gray hair, etc."
—U / DORIMEalbedo
9. "Excessive and unhealthy competition in terms of ring sizes."
—U / wrong plug
Roy Hsu / Getty Images / Tetra Images RF
10. "Probably the food culture. When I was 17-18, a couple of friends kept saying how much more attractive I would be if I lost weight, that is why most of the guys aren't into me as I would regret it not being thin in college, etc. My BMI was a little under 25 so I wasn't overweight, but I got close, especially when compared to them, so I basically got anorexic from 18-20 just because of the feedback I was recovering, but not enough to keep my mom and others happy, even though my BMI was between 22 and 23. This ran between friends and family for years and it was exhausting switching between being too thin or not average enough. "
—U / Screaming_Weak
11. "Double standards in dating. I often hear this in person from my mom, but if her boyfriend goes somewhere without telling her she'll freak out and go into a fit of tantrum (yes, literally). But if he asks about her, then he's a fool trying to control and cheat on them. "
- u / Vampawa
12. "Women who think that other women who like to cook, raise children, and do housework are perpetuating the stereotypical gender roles enforced by patriarchy. To tear other women apart because what they enjoy isn't in the tiny box of that fits what YOUR version of feminism should be be poisonous femininity to the extreme. "
- u / Oichbro 550
Oscar Wong / Getty Images
13. "I was told that I am not a real woman because I don't want children. I was told that by a woman."
—U / An-empty-street
14. "Women shame women for not wearing makeup."
—U / Minorihaaku
15. "If we screw all men and boys when we call it 'Modern Feminism'. We don't have to deconstruct and destroy everything masculine just to make women equal. This is literally the opposite of equality and should be offensive to everyone."
—U / DancingAssClown
What do you think of these examples? Do you have other thoughts on what "toxic femininity" is? Tell us in the comments!
Responses edited for length / clarity.

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