People Are Sharing The LEAST Toxic Celebrities Ever, And This Is The Wholesome Content I Needed Today

Recently, someone on Reddit asked, "Who is the Least Toxic Celebrity?"
And there were so many excellent responses about healthy celebs! Here are some of the top rated answers:
1.Dolly Parton
“I had to spend some time with her boyfriend Kenny Rogers (RIP) and he said that Dolly is exactly the same IRL that you see on TV. It's not an act. She's really that nice. "
2. Keanu Reeves
"Keanu Reeves has to be the most selfless, down-to-earth celebrity."
3. "Strange Al" Yankovic
"A career spanning four decades with no allegations of scandal, and basically everyone (except Prince apparently) likes him? Yeah, I'd say he fits the bill."
4. Ashton Kutcher
"Although his job is mostly horrific, he does a good job against child trafficking."
5. Zendaya
"It is so unproblematic."
–U / idkqueen_22
6. Paul Rudd
"I am convinced that this does not mean that it ages."
–U / flashtvdotcom
7. Danny DeVito
"I heard him and his wife take Mara Wilson under their wing during Matilda and it warmed my soul. Mara's mother had just died of breast cancer and they were apparently very helpful. They took her to dinner and pampered her." " ... pretty much the opposite of the relationship they had in the movie. "
8.Jack black
"He just seems like a great guy through and through."
-U / Masta-Blasta
9. Kristen Bell
“The woman is without a doubt one of the least toxic celebrities on Instagram. I love that she puts emojis on her kids' faces to respect their privacy as kids can't really consent to publication and in some cases monetization. I love that she puts her children's childhood first.
10.Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
"The Rock seems like a good guy."
–U / Potato_Puncakes
11. Tom Hanks
"Really a nice guy, on and off the set."
-U / Ianmartin573
12.Dave Grohl
"Dave Grohl is my hero."
-U / Foo3112
13.Danny Trejo
"He was a tough guy in his teens, but he made a full 180. When he started getting roles in Hollywood he was a changed person and apparently super nice to everyone he met and worked with. I mean , look at his smile. It could cure cancer. "
14. Harry Styles
“I saw a clip of him at a concert. A girl asked if she should give her boyfriend another chance. The respect this guy shows women is admirable. Great role model. "
15. Betty White
"I saw an interview where she talked about her late Golden Girls co-stars. Though the interviewer kept trying to get her to say bad things about one of the women Betty didn't seem to like, she took never the bait. Only had the kindest things to say. She's a national treasure. "
16. Steve Carell
"He seems like a really nice guy."
–U / west interview room
17.Denzel Washington
"Wants nothing to do with Hollywood outside of his career."
18. Mr. Rogers
"Mr. Rogers is the obvious answer."
–U / UpvotedForNotOrange
19. Hailee Steinfeld
"Literally everyone I've spoken to who met her said she was such a sweetheart and utterly adorable."
20th Daniel Radcliffe
"The guy turned out super good."
–U / quanttit01
21. Chadwick Boseman
"Chadwick Boseman, by far."
–U / ShadowRylander
22. Mark Hamill
"Mark Hamill is a celebrity I want to meet, not because he's a celebrity or was into something I love. No, it's because, from everything I've seen, he's a damn good guy who is immensely grateful to his fans and kind to his fans. " . "
23. And finally Robin Williams
“He apparently required that every film he worked on hire a certain number of homeless people for the crew. And he'd hang out with them and basically help them feel dignified and get back on their feet that probably changed hundreds of lives. "
Which celebrity do you think is the least toxic? Why? LMK in the comments below!
Some responses have been edited for length and / or clarity.

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