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School is only a fraction of our lives, although many of us have small urges to know what the heck happened to the classmates we graduated with, especially those who brightened the classroom. So I recently asked people in the BuzzFeed Community, "What happened to your school's 'class clown' or funny person? And wow, I wasn't expecting some of these:
1. "I've known one of our class clowns since second grade. We're almost 30 now and I think he's still funny. He started doing stand-up comedy and is married to a woman who thinks he's hilarious He's also the other class clown's best friend - this guy got a law enforcement degree, moved to another city and got married. He worked as a prison guard in that other town and then got caught smuggling drugs, using a couple of spare boxes of gloves in his pocket to hide them. He was in prison for a few years, but now he's out. He is happily married to a woman who still loves him despite his legal troubles. And he's still funny."
Kalamazoo Michigan Sheriff's Department / Momodu Mansaray / Getty Images
2. "I was the class clown. I don't think I'm particularly funny, but I was really good at eliciting a reaction from teachers and pissing them off, which in turn made my classmates laugh. Now I'm a special education teacher. I still enjoy differentiating myself at our staff and district-wide meetings, just with a little more finesse. I think annoying my bosses is just part of my personality.”
– Anonymous, California, 32
3. "He became a psychologist and describes himself as a 'hedonist.' I am not joking. Like he has a whole blog about it.”
Jason Mendez/Getty Images/Joel Kim Booster
4. "He wasn't particularly good-looking, but his sense of humor made him popular. He dated and married one of the most beautiful women in school. They are still together and happy."
– I didn't decide on dinner
5. "He hated school and was told he would never graduate. Not only did he graduate, he graduated from college with honors and now has a great job. I would know as I am married to him and we have a 1 year old child together. He's still the same clown and makes our daughter laugh every day until she faints."
Matt Lewis - The Fa / The FA via Getty Images / Artisan Entertainment
6. "It was me, and I'm married with one child that I regret. I basically did nothing with my life except make very bad decisions.”
— Hannadrome
7. "Our class clown lost a lot of weight, became a first responder, and is now making a lot of money. He also has four baby moms. His personality is still the same class clown but on Facebook.”
MTV / Nick Cannon
8. "He moved to Hollywood and got into entertainment a few years after graduating. I'm not exactly sure what he's doing, but he seems to be living his best life. He's had the privilege of attending a few big-name awards shows, including the Grammys. I'm really happy for him.
9. "I was the class clown. I am now an English teacher in middle school. Yes, I get paid back every day.”
- James Arthur writes
Gilles Mingasson / ABC
10. "The class clown from a few years before me graduated and started his own street art company. Not only has his company been commissioned to make large works of art in our hometown, but I have long seen his art on buildings in some of the surrounding towns as well!"
– Torbi lilies
11. “Drugs. so many drugs In prison for drug use, then drug sale.”
12. "He was actually a super nice guy and very funny. He now lives in Los Angeles and has even acted in a few episodes of NCIS.”
13. "I had a crush on the class clown in high school. Everyone liked him, including the teachers. We had a high school football rivalry with another school. Our high school colors were white and blue, and our rival high school's colors were red and black. Every year during Homecoming Week he would paint and dress in red and black while everyone was in blue and white. He never liked doing group activities. He never sat still or stayed calm. He took everything lightly. He always said he wanted to leave our town. When I went to see him, I learned that he had never left. He became a firefighter and married a former bodybuilder. He is a board member of the local Chamber of Commerce and many other things. Also I "I'm pretty sure he's a Trump supporter. He's the opposite of everything he was now in high school."
14. "My husband was the class clown. He even went to college to write comedies and did stand-up for a time and acted in plays. Now he's an assistant pharmacist and a hockey scout. He still jokes a lot at work."
Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for IMDb/Jordan Peele
15. "This one boy and I used to be the two class clowns. He had ADHD, I had autism and we got along great. We were your typical hillbilly Appalachians. He was the only reason I was hesitant about moving to the west coast, but I knew at least one of us had to leave home. I recently found out from an old friend that he passed away. This message really got me to really look at my own life and re-evaluate things.
16. "He dropped out near graduation and robbed a gas station. I don't know what he's doing now, but I hope he's in control of his life."
- hailcthulhu
17. "The three class clowns I can think of are fine. Well, most of them. All three never tried it at school and were told they didn't care. One became a radiologist, and seems to have really grown up in personality. Another owns a construction business and is still immature. I was most proud of the last guy. I remember our history teacher having what I would call a private conversation with him, in front of the whole class, about how he was a failure who didn't mean anything. more classic. He dropped out and became a trucker. He had a family and a nice house. He really seemed to turn everything around and was proof that you didn't have to go to college or be what others thought smart or literal to be happy and successful. Unfortunately he is in prison right now for molesting a child.”
"I hope he rots there."
—Dairy shepherd
18 “My younger brother used to be the class clown. He dropped out of school when he was placed with a foster family and is now training to be a mechanic.
- Ash Fudge
Handouts / A.M.P.A.S. via Getty Images
19. "Class clown here! Although I never thought I would grow up, I did and became a teacher. I work with students who need study support. Something I wished was given to me while I was going through school. I love the class clown in every class I've had and try to show them the full range of their gifts and abilities besides making others laugh!"
—sweet sunshine32
Nbc/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images
20. "I was the class clown. I am now a physical therapist. Most of my patients still find me funny. It definitely helps to have my kind of healthcare personality.”
"I have anxiety and depression that has affected me at different waves in my life."
- Kelly
21. "I actually married him! We're still quite young and so far everything is going well - we've gone from having two kids who have been through too much, to our own little little family with cats, goats, our own apartment, and our own goals and plans for our life together . He still makes me laugh and smile like an idiot every day, even though he doesn't try as hard to be that funny guy to everyone anymore. I will never regret ignoring his jokes back then and when I actually got to know him. There was a much deeper guy behind all of this, more than I think most people ever realized. He just wasn't comfortable sharing his whole self with most people and went about his life with humor."
– everything is fine08
Kevork Djansezian/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images/Dax Shepard/Kristin Bell
What happened to the funny person you graduated with? Let us know in the comments.
Note: Posts have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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