People Are Sharing Their Best "Secret" Cooking Tips And Tricks That You Won't Find In Cookbooks Or Online

Cooking is an art - and there is only so much you can learn from reading recipes. Sometimes you just have to experiment and try out new techniques and ingredients yourself. So Redditor asked u / katieasaur, "What's your secret technique that you've never seen in a cookbook or online?" Some of the answers were fascinating and I can't wait to try them out in my own kitchen.
1. "If you're in an emergency and need to thicken a sauce quickly, make roux in a mug in the microwave. It usually doesn't take more than a minute to turn golden and ready to use."
—U / CougarAries ·
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2. "Replace some of the liquid in your waffle batter with selters or another carbonated beverage like ginger ale and sparkling wine. The result: the fluffiest, airiest waffles ever."
—U / Professor_Burnout
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3. "Soak onions in lime juice for a few minutes before mixing them in salsa or topping tacos. This removes the raw, funky taste. The lime also adds a nice acidity to your food anyway."
—U / Antigravitation1231
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4. "I always start by simmering mushrooms in a dry pan for a few minutes to get some moisture out before I add oil or butter. They'll brown a lot better that way."
—U / pieandtacos
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5. "Use frozen flour when making pie crusts. The first step in making pie crusts is to cut butter into the flour. Most recipes recommend using very cold butter, which is cut into small pieces. Freezing of the flour used means the butter stays colder longer. "
- u / Denmark
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6. "When you bake, freeze butter and grate it with a micro-slicer. It's the easiest way to get very fine, cold pieces of butter that will evenly spread throughout your batter."
—U / red_alert_80
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7. "If you're making biscuits, biscuits, or anything that has to make a flaky dough, freeze the mixing bowl and pastry cutter as well. This will keep the dough colder and better baking results."
—U / MaschMana
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8. "Quickly microwave red onions in about 30 minutes. Heat vinegar and some water, sugar, and salt in the microwave. Then throw in the onions. Add a few spices if you feel like it. If you do, too The beginning of your meal, they are ready to use when your dish is on the table. "
—U / AgoraiosBum
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9. "I learned this trick from my grandmother. She took leftover cake batter, buttered it, sprinkled it with cinnamon sugar and rolled it into mini cinnamon rolls like two desserts in one."
—U / codeverity
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10. "I freeze excess lemons whole. You can micro-plan the peel, peel off any white stones and micro-plan the lemon flesh. Or, defrost the pulp and use the juice."
—U / Transportation Ok1780
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11. "A touch of baking powder with grits or polenta cuts the cooking time in half. It's my favorite time saver at dinner."
—U / Chief Sandman
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12. "I use a garlic press for a lot more than just garlic. It can be used for many chopping and grinding purposes. Try it for anchovies, herbs, coarsely chopped peppercorns, cumin, etc ..."
-U / PracticalAd6467
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13. "When I make banana bread, I gently mash the banana while it's still in the peel. I try gently so the banana doesn't pop. With this method, the banana comes out pre-grinded without any bulk. It's usually so soft that you don't even need a fork to mash it any further. Plus, you have one less bowl to clean. "
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