People Are Sharing Their Relationship "Green Flag" Moments And My Heart Is Warm

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share their green flag moments that sold their relationship. Here were the answers:
1. "He knew I was going through shit and told me, 'Take your time, I'm here, I'm not going anywhere.'"
- pretty farting machine
2. "After two months together we took a train trip to Edinburgh and there were stops every 20 minutes apart from the last leg which was 40. It was winter so we dressed in two shifts and I had motion sickness. To keep me from fainting, he blew cold air on my face until he was pretty blue in the face..."
"And that's when I knew he was a goalkeeper."
3. "In all my past relationships, I've always thought, 'This person is lucky to be with me.' When I found my now husband of 15 years, my thoughts changed and I realized how lucky I was to be with him.”
"Totally green flag."
4. "He helped raise his niece (who is now 12). Seeing how much she adores him melted me to the core... Both of my children adore him and he treats us amazingly well."
– audreyunashamed
5. "Every day: 'You are beautiful.' It didn't matter what time it was or what I looked like or what I was doing. Just those two simple words."
6. "He loves all animals and vice versa. Even some stray cats come up to him (carefully of course) to say hello.”
– there are no bubbles
Walt Disney productions
7. "My now husband HATES beef stew. I made beef stew on our second date and he ate every bite. I haven't done it since that date lol.”
8. "He hands me the remote control! Well, that, and my dog, who dislikes everything and everyone but a select few, loves him more than me now I suppose.”
9. "He remembered Snickers being my sad meal and brought me one when my mom went to the hospital. We have been together and married for almost 12 years.”
10. "Be present. When I met my now fiancé, he was always present and attentive. He never seemed distracted and I always feel like I have his full attention when we're talking."
11. "I don't have to be ashamed of something I like, and even enthusiastically participate in things that other guys I've dated would never dare due to their toxic masculinity (mostly drag shows)."
12. "He had a cat."
Ana Rocio García Franco/Getty Images
13. "She said South Park is perhaps one of the greatest commentaries on society, albeit with ridiculous plots and metaphorical examples. Anyway, we've been together 13 years and married 10 years."
— scottaaronm
14. "When he bought my then two-year-old almost $300 worth of clothes after only being with me for three months. He showed up for me too, without my having to ask.”
15. "His relationship with his mother."
"He's an only child and a man at that, and I thought, sir... mama's boy. But no. He's a man who loves his mother, not a mama's boy at all. They really are great friends, great for each other, but most of all they have boundaries. I'm not the #2 woman and she always jokes that she's 'so happy I pulled it out of her hair'. lol She is the best ... "
— witchyribbon84
16. "He dived...everyone. single. up. For example, I was at dinner with friends when it started raining...heavy. I don't drive and the nearest train station was two blocks away. Without being asked, he showed up at the restaurant and texted me that he was outside and would be driving me home, but wouldn't come out until I was ready to go home and enjoy my dinner with my friends."
17. "We were in college and my now husband's 16-year-old brother came to visit. My husband was a poor college kid (like many of us) but he took his brother out to a nice dinner while he was here, invites me over so I can meet his brother. It showed me that his family is important to him. That was 20 years ago. He still values ​​his brother time, only now both families bring their own."
18. "My gallbladder had to be removed less than a week into our relationship. Not only did he send me flowers and a certificate for a manicure and pedicure, he brought me his PS3 to distract me during my recovery (super generous back in 2010 )."
"Married for nine years and more in love than ever!"
Maskarad/Getty Images/iStockphoto
19. "When my boyfriend and I met, I was living in a college dorm and had a cat that I obviously adored. A few months into the relationship my cat wouldn't come home and I was so worried. We walked around the neighborhood looking for her. When we got back I started crying and he just listened and comforted me. Turns out some people had lured my cat away and my cat just wouldn't come home. But in that moment, I knew he was the one."
"We've been together for 6 years now."
20. "I met my boyfriend when I started a new job. After hanging out a few times and admitting our feelings for each other. I've had a really bad time with my mental health. When I told him how I felt, it was his. The response was, 'I'm sorry you feel this way, I don't want you to ever feel this way. But you're allowed to feel that way and it's okay.'"
"We hadn't even kissed, but I knew right away that he was the one."
21. "In my previous marriage, I did everything: made most of the money, cleaned the house, cooked, planned our social calendar. It was exhausting. So when I started dating my now-husband, he was really great at sharing responsibilities, and I was sold."
22. "My dog ​​is generally very freaky when it comes to new people, especially men, and can take months to get used to them. But about two hours after my boyfriend first came to them, my dog ​​was all over him! Even my cats – who usually hide when people come by – let him pet them.”
"That's when I knew he was a goalkeeper!"
23. "He got clean while I got sober. We were and are both committed to recovery and the program. We always put recovery first and are amazed at how it has transformed our lives. I want to be with someone who is as committed to sobriety as I am."
24. "He's so calm! Coming from a family of screamers, I haven't had the best of relationships in the past. Every time I started getting angry and getting loud, he always stayed calm. This helped calm me down and we would discuss the subject like adults. It was weird at first, but we literally never fought about it. Instead of arguments, we have conversations where everyone can explain their point of view and then we work together to find a solution."
"It makes everything so much easier because we both know we can go to the other without fear of a negative response."
Mayur Kakade/Getty Images
25. "My now partner's BIGGEST green flag was when, after a few months of hot and heavy physical activity, she said, 'You know, it's not always going to be like that.' I knew at that point that they understood me and didn't have high expectations."
“I married her and we are very happy. Sure they would like it more than me but they very much understand that I have low drive.”
26. "Recently I was at a Pro Choice protest event and he helped me with the posters and came with me. That's how I knew he really was a good man."
27. "When he first met my two-year-old daughter, he got down on one knee with a rose to introduce himself. He continues to go on dates with her, get her flowers for Valentine's Day, and treat her like a queen... He's amazing."
28. "My boyfriend is very nice to co-workers wherever we go. A former caretaker, he knows only too well how some people treat those they perceive as beneath them. He chats politely to every waiter, cashier, maintenance person, etc. we've ever encountered.”
"Huge green flag for me."
– badwolfjenni
29. "I took a pregnancy test and pranked my boyfriend when I told him he was positive. I admitted it right away, but asked him, "How would you react if he was actually positive?" He said, "Honestly? .' I've never had a better answer from a friend."
30. "He apologized. We had been dating for a few weeks when he broke it off due to timing and (I later found out) relationship trauma. A few months later he called me out of the blue and said he was wrong and had made a mistake. He apologized for how he had dealt with his insecurities and asked to try again. I knew then that someone who could be vulnerable and admit they were wrong was someone I wanted to meet.”
"We've been together for a year now and he still apologizes when he's wrong. Our communication has never been better. He is my person.”
31. "On our very first date, he told me that his sister had died a month earlier, although what he most wanted was a relationship, and he wasn't sure how that would affect his emotional availability. I'd spent years with men who never knew what their emotional availability was to themselves, let alone shared it with me. He didn't let me ask where I stood with him.
"...Anyway, we're married now."
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