People Can’t Believe This RNC Tweet About Donald Trump’s Priorities Isn’t A Parody

Twitter users double-take a Republican National Committee thread Friday setting out some of President Donald Trump's priorities for a second term.
Critics rounded off the RNC with one of its posts, which explained to the president the importance of a "permanent manned presence on the moon" and the dispatch of the first "manned mission to Mars".
Some critics mockingly translated the priorities or re-imagined them.
Others recalled Trump's past broken promises and his catastrophic abuse of the coronavirus pandemic.
"So completely and completely out of touch," responded activist and actress Alyssa Milano.
George Takei, the legend of "Star Trek" added, "Oh my god, this is not a parody."
"American Pickle" star Seth Rogen was rather less diplomatic with his answer: "Who the hell is doing a flying fuck about putting motherfuckers on the moon and Mars?"
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