People Can’t Get Enough Of Jennifer Coolidge At The 2021 Emmys Because Yeah, She's Hilarious

Jennifer Coolidge has a little moment this year and I'm HERE FOR it.
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Say what you want about The White Lotus, but you absolutely MUST agree that Jennifer Coolidge held this role in full.
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So it makes sense that the Emmys would invite them to star in a comedy series.
By the way, Jason Sudekis won.
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And let me just say ... only Jennifer Coolidge can Jennifer Coolidge better than Jennifer Coolidge.
Coolidge Corner Theater / Via
She did the best in the best possible way.
I've never seen anyone act as dramatic as himself that it almost felt like an Oscar-worthy imitation.
Cbs Photo Library / CBS / Getty Images
The stans agree.
Here is the full speech:
Give her the White Lotus Emmy now, you cowards.
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