People in the GOP, White House, and Trump campaign increasingly think they will lose the White House and maybe the Senate too, reports say

President Donald Trump at the White House on Saturday. Jabin Botsford / The Washington Post via Getty Images
Republicans and White House officials fear President Donald Trump is headed for defeat, according to a number of recent reports.
Some fear that the GOP could lose control of the Senate in a "blue wave" of Democratic votes on November 3rd.
The Republican obscurity appears to be backed up by survey data, which paints an increasingly negative image for Trump.
Trump's much-criticized performance in his debate with Joe Biden and his behavior in diagnosing COVID-19 are among the factors believed to alienate voters.
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There are growing fears within the Republican Party and the White House that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden may be on the way to a landslide victory in the US elections, according to several reports.
The weekend brought more dire poll data for the Trump campaign. A poll published Sunday by ABC News and The Washington Post found that Biden leads Trump with 53% to 41% of the likely voters.
The result was in line with trends in a number of other recent polls that found President Biden behind by 10 points or more.
Swing-state polls brought more bad news, with Biden remaining in the lead in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, according to the New York Times - three states that flipped Republicans in 2016.
Although the races in these states are closer, Biden's lead has been consistent. It led to a number of bad headlines sparked by concerned insiders:
Citing dozens of White House campaign officials and Trump, the Associated Press on Monday described fears that Trump's often-criticized performance in the initial debate with Biden and his erratic response after being diagnosed with COVID-19 could lead them not to only lose the White House but also the Senate.
NBC News reported Friday that Republican donors and activists feared a "blue wave" was coming. They are said to prefer to shift resources from the racial presidential race - viewed by some as lost - to protect vulnerable seats in Congress.
Texas GOP Senator Ted Cruz warned Saturday that the GOP was facing "a Watergate-sized bloodbath" and could lose control of the Senate and the White House.
Reuters also reported last week that the GOP was becoming increasingly concerned that the Democrats were ready to take control of the Senate. A senior Senate Republican adviser told the outlet that Trump's coronavirus diagnosis was "the nail in the coffin" and that "it is all over" for the party's hopes of defending its majority.
Although Trump's chances of victory seem to be fading, some campaign officials believe the president will be able to regain a foothold this week, the AP reported.
The Senate confirmation hearings of Judge Amy Coney Barrett, due to begin Monday, are set to turn away from the pandemic and spark conservatives.
Other officials hope pollsters underestimate support for Trump and that, like 2016, he will be the surprise winner.
So far, however, many loyalists seem more likely to believe that Democrats could seize both Congress and the White House.
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