'People stabbed me right in my chest' - Ex-Manchester United captain Keane says he was 'too nice' in his career

Former Manchester United star Roy Keane said he was "too nice" during his season, which resulted in many cheating him over the years.
The former Irish midfielder was known throughout his career for his rough and physical style and quick temperament on and off the field.
Keane was put off seven times by Sir Alex Ferguson during his successful midfield career and had several high profile run-ins with greats like Patrick Vieira, Alan Shearer and Alf Inge Haaland.
His confrontation made the controversy follow him into management, but he continues to have difficulties as a player and coach because he was too nice to his fellow men.
"Sometimes I was too hard. Sometimes I was too soft, ”he told the Irish Independent. "When I was critical and looked back on my own career and how I deal with people, even in management - and people may not believe that - I think I was sometimes too nice to people."
"People stabbed me directly in my chest, it wasn't in my back. Because I was too nice to them."
Keane says he has always been a sophisticated personality and his career would not have been as if he had tried to suppress that side of him.
"That was me. Even in the pre-season, every game I've ever made it easy for, I guarantee that I was the worst player in the park, ”he added.
"I couldn't do it. I just couldn't do it. It just wasn't in my make-up. I had to be full of fur. If I had brightened too much in football I would never have come to England. If I had I wouldn't have taken two minutes to do that. "
Keane joined United from Nottingham Forest in 1993 and spent 12 years in Old Trafford.
Eight of those years he was captain of the Red Devils, played 469 games and scored 51 goals for the club. He won seven Premier League titles and a Champions League crown, among others, before moving to Celtic before starting his career in 2006.
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